#009: Women’s Health in Midlife – Julie Cristol

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As women age, we begin to face new experiences in our health for which we have not had a chance to really prepare. Examples include menopause, and the less commonly discussed, perimenopause. Thankfully, Julie Cristol so graciously agreed to join me for this special episode where we discuss the questions that most women are nervous to ask about menopause, advocacy, healthcare, and even sex!

Meet Julie (00:51)

Perimenopause (3:26)

Lucy’s Journey with Perimenopause (5:39)

The average age of a women going through menopause is 52.

Managing Perimenopause (12:36)

Advocating for Yourself (15:46)

Hormone Therapy (17:35)

Advice for Women in Mid-Late Thirties Going Through Changes (23:44)

Resources of Advocacy (28:31)

Healthcare System vs. Deconstructing Diet Culture (34:21)

Weight is not a modifiable risk factor.

Julie’s Health Journey (38:04)

Advice to Younger Self (44:58)

Health at Every Size
Lifecycle Woman Care

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