Why Printing Your Photos Matters

Decisions, decisions…

You’ve heard me say it before, I believe all of my clients should print their photos. As someone who has lived with digital images piling up around me, I know how hard it can feel to choose which images to print and deciding what to do with them. But I’ve also seen first-hand the feeling people get when they’re able to see their images in their hands or on their walls.

It Boosts Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Did you know that seeing photos of your family all together can actually help to boost your child’s self-esteem? Especially when they’re little, your kids don’t know that Grandma has that gorgeous family photo of you all up as her Facebook cover photo or that your favorite pic from your last family session got 150 likes! Just like that little feeling of pride you got whenever you walked into Grandma’s house and saw your most recent school portrait hanging up on the wall, your kids want to see real, printed evidence that you want to celebrate them as a valued member of the family every single day!

Let me help!

There’s something really special about being able to display the moments you love. That’s why all of my packages now come with ordering sessions and print packages. I want my clients to look up at their wall and see their favorite memories looking back at them every single day.

Style AND Durability

To keep things simple, I offer four categories of printed products. All of my products are durable – I get it, little fingers are everywhere – and still beautiful. I personally handpicked all of the products I offer because I think they’re the best of the best. My print products can help you display your portraits in timeless ways to match every personal style, and they allow you to enjoy your images long after you’ve unplugged for the day. Don’t worry about choosing what you want to purchase right now…I’ll help you during your ordering process and my top priority is to make sure you love all of the choices you’ve made. 

Here’s a quick run down of the different print products I have available:

Print Product Options

  1. Albums.
    These gorgeous albums lay flat which means you can enjoy all of your images in beautiful spreads that include your favorite 20, 30, or 40 images. They’ve got a beautiful linen cover and stand up to the test of time. You and your kids can enjoy flipping through your session for years to come!
  2. Mounted Prints.
    These beautiful, true-to-life color prints are super sturdy and work perfectly on the mantel, wall, or shelf. They’re a fun way to display a handful of your favorite images, or you can also make a statement with one large print!
  3. Canvases.
    I have a TON of these canvases hanging in my own home, and I can attest that they have truly stood the test of time. They have the tightest corners on the market, and the great thing about canvas is there’s no need to worry about broken glass when the kids inevitably run into them. This is a great option for families who want to show off their favorite photos with a sturdy, timeless piece of wall art.
  4. Wood Prints.
    My wood prints are my all-time favorite products! These modern displays take your favorite prints and mount them on wood. They’re gorgeous, unique, and a fun and modern twist on a wall hanging! 

Unplug and Enjoy!

We’ll work together after your session to decide what you want to order via video chat. The best part is, whatever images you choose to print, you’ll also receive the digital backups of those images to post to the ‘gram. But trust me, seeing your images printed and on display in your home will be far more enjoyable than scrolling through them once or twice and sharing them on social media. There’s something special about looking at your beautiful family laughing, playing, and enjoying your favorite place in the world together every day. Especially with the holidays coming, it’s easy to imagine spending a night curled up together with your favorite blanket and flipping through your family’s album – or gifting a beautiful print to your family members. No matter why you want to print your photos, let’s find the perfect fit for your family!

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