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I recently posed this question to a few of my favorite repeat customers:

“Why do you choose custom photography over the other standard portrait/mall studios out there?”

I loved their responses so much, I just had to share!

“When I had my daughter I decided that I wanted to have a picture taken every month. We would go to a standard studio and have our pic taken on a plain white background. I did this for the first 6 months and hung them in my house. I quickly noticed that although the studio captured a smile, they did not capture the essence of our life and family. The pictures didn’t say much about who we were. I decided it was worth it to spend more money less frequently to receive pictures that really captured us without being posed or handed odd props. I love that my favorite family photos have all been captured while we enjoy doing what we normally do! Playing outside, jumping on the bed, snuggling, and laughing… Those are the memories I want to hold on to. Lucy delivers just that. She truly captures a snapshot of life in the moment. Most people can snap a pic of a kid smiling awkwardly (say cheese!) but a truly different smile is captured by Lucy when she gets your kids smiling and engaged naturally… Their happiness is captured in that snapshot and their faces speak volumes of love, contentment, and happiness in each and every photograph.” – Liz R.

“I prefer custom photography because I love the emotion that can be captured from a custom session, and feel you did a great job each time with my family!” – Karinne L.

“Many studios create a ‘stock’ look and have awkward poses, matching outfits, and forced smiles. We wanted NONE of that! We wanted photographs that conveyed the spirit of our family and a photographer who wasn’t afraid of the shots between shots: the candid moments that characterize our daily life. Lucy had us feeling comfortable and acting natural the whole time; it was almost as if we were having a family playdate and just happened to have a photographer there to document it. (The photo below captures our spirit perfectly: my husband’s loving thoughtfulness, my daughter’s snuggly gregariousness, and my joyful radiance. And this was taken after our family had declared the session over due to the cold wind and went ahead and put on warm jackets!)” – Callie S.
Thank you all for your incredibly kind responses!  I am beyond thrilled to have shared such meaningful moments with you and am honored to continue watching each of your families as they grow! <3

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