What to Wear for Your Spring and Summer Session

You’ve booked a family portrait session, excellent! Now comes the hard part: deciding what to wear. The spring and summer months naturally lend themselves to bright, colorful clothing – which I am all about! The most important thing when choosing what to wear is that you’re comfortable and feel like you. Beyond that, here are a few basic guidelines I’d recommend sticking to…

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With a spring or summer session, choose colors that compliment your skin tone and the season. Please don’t wear a plain white shirt for your session! White tends to wash people out, and it can pick up unflattering color casts from the grass and surrounding areas. Instead, I love when people mix neutrals with pops of rich, dramatic colors. Even in the spring, darker jewel tones tend to be slimming and they’ll be a great pop of color against the lighter flowers. Bright colors are also a great option this time of year – especially if we’ll be photographing your family in front of one of Philly’s awesome murals! Keep in mind that neon is different than bright (we don’t want neon)! Try to choose colors that will allow your portraits to feel timeless. Some of my favorite colors for spring and summer include: coral, mulberry, aqua, indigo, kelly green, mustard yellow, baby blue, or sapphire blue. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!

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So now that we’ve got some colors picked, let’s think about fabric patterns and whether or not you should match. Unless you usually match your family’s outfits in real life, I’d recommend going for a complementary wardrobe instead of an exact match. Let’s show off your unique personalities with a mix of patterns and solids. I like to start with a base of one or two neutral tones, then add one, two, or three complimentary colors and patterns. In general, less is more here…think about ways to add small pops of color in your accessories (jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc.) rather than head-to-toe color. Stripes, florals, and bold graphic fonts are another a fun way to bring some extra oomph into your session!

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As you start picking out the actual pieces you’re going to wear, it’s important to remember that during my sessions, we move a lot. During your session we might jump, tickle, run around, sit on the ground, etc. So please pick out something that’s comfortable to move in.

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Moms – young children will probably pull at your clothes, so look for something that will fit comfortably and that you don’t have to worry about being pulled down as you play. I always love the fit of a nice flowy maxi dress! It’s a great way to stay cool during the warmer evenings too! Dads, we’re going for a dress-down Friday vibe here…please no stuffy work shirts and ties! I love the look of a relaxed cotton button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up – feel free to pair with nice jeans and layer over a neutral tee to let your personality shine through. I’m personally not a huge fan of polos, but if that’s your signature look then please aim for a high quality fabric and neutral color that won’t look faded in your photos. Also consider that darker colors and light cotton layers will hide sweat a lot better on a hot day!

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Choosing your outfits for family portraits doesn’t have to be stressful! Use my Pinterest board for some inspiration, and feel free to ask if you’re struggling. I love helping my clients look and feel their best for family photos!

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