What to Wear for Your Fall Family Photos

New mom holds infant baby by tree in park during autumn family photo session Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

The fall is such a beautiful time to capture your family – especially outdoors among the changing trees and fallen leaves. But, if you’re like many families, figuring out what to wear can be tough! I promise, it doesn’t have to be hard to choose outfits that you’re going to love for your session – and that will help us create portraits you’ll love for years to come!

Autumn outfits are lots of fun to put together because you get to wear beautiful colors, warm layers, and cute accessories. So let’s start with a color scheme. The fall basically asks for warm colors – especially jewel tones! Rich tones like dark purple, emerald green, navy, and mustard yellows can be perfect for this time of year. You can even still pull off a nice neutral shirt or sweater for a great pop against the red and orange leaves around you. Don’t be afraid to wear those warm, jewel inspired colors for your session. It helps create a rich scheme of colors for everyone’s outfits! 

We’ve picked out a color scheme, yes! Now we can start talking about what to wear. If you know anything about my photography style, you know that we are going to PLAY. In the fall, we just might jump through giant leaf piles, decorate pumpkins, and race across hay bales together. So wear clothes you’re comfortable moving in. Nice jeans with cute fall boots and a good sweater is a great option! Dads, a casual button down or a warm sweater is always a great option. And encourage your little ones to wear comfortable (but nice!) shoes, leggings and tights, and sweaters they like. 

The fall is a great time to create fun layered looks too. Plus, it helps keep everyone warm if they’re not just in a t-shirt and short dress! When it’s chilly outside, warm kids mean happy kids – trust me! So feel free to layer – add a t-shirt to start, then put a button up or a sweater over top. Find a cute jacket you like that coordinates with everyone else’s outfits, and even consider a scarf or hat as a fun accent for the outfits. Very little ones (babies and toddlers) get cold hands much faster than us grown-ups, and over the years I have learned that blue hands are VERY hard to edit – so be sure to grab a cute coat and mittens for your littles in case the weather takes a chilly turn during our session!

Skin Care
Finally, I have one more tip to help everyone look and feel great for your fall portraits. The winter air comes in quick in our area. So I highly recommend that you take the time to moisturize kids’ cheeks and noses as the weather gets more crisp. Aquaphor and Vaseline are both great options to prevent chapped skin and lips. Saline spray is also great to prevent runny noses during cold season.

Choosing what to wear for your portraits this fall should be fun! Using the tips above, create a few outfits you like for your family. I am more than happy to talk with you about which you’d like to pick as your final choice! Happy Fall, everyone!

Mom lifts infant child up in air during autumn family photo session Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography
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