Top 10 Reasons to Get Post-Pandemic Photos

Summertime is here! And maybe it’s just me, but it feels like Philly is coming to life even more than ever before… or maybe it just feels that way now that we’re coming out of the pandemic. This summer, I’m so excited to see some of my favorite families in the city for their portrait sessions. I’ve missed these hot evenings, ice cream cone dates, and splashing in the fountains with you!

But I get it – not everyone is sure about a summer family session this year. It’s been a really long year for all of us and I personally think a photo session is a great way to celebrate everything we’ve been through. Here are my Top 10 reasons to get post-pandemic photos!

#1: New artwork on the walls.
It’s time to update those family photos hanging on the wall! You’ve been stuck at home for the past year, looking at the same old photos. Let’s create some new art together and refresh those frames!

#2: Your kids grew.
Pandemic or not, kids grew. They’re now in different stages of life. Maybe your baby is walking or your older child is about to graduate. Don’t miss this part of their lives being documented!

#3: More places are open again!
We have options when it comes to family photos – and we’ll find a space that makes you feel safe. Whether it’s grabbing those ice cream cones or a quiet garden outside the city, we will find the perfect spot around the Philly area for your family’s photos this year! 

#4: You survived.
Enough said. But, seriously: let’s celebrate that we’re coming out on the other side of this pandemic! So much has changed this year and it’s worth celebrating that WE MADE IT!. 

#5: I missed your hugs!
I really did and I’m looking forward to being able to hug and see you all SO soon. So many of my clients have come to feel like family to me, and it warms my heart every time we get to hang out and catch up!

#6: Schedules are going back to normal.
This means that the fall is going to be busy again – school, sports, work, meetings…the responsibilities and obligations are going to fill back up again. My fall usually books up a few months in advance, so why not take advantage of the slower summer days to get on the schedule now? 

#7: No more masks to ruin your makeup.
I mean, I’m ALL about being safe. But wearing a mask definitely messed up my makeup and I know I can’t be the only one. As you feel comfortable, it will be a nice change to not worry about smudging your makeup before the session as more of us are now fully vaccinated.

#8: A new post-pandemic look.
Got a new haircut or styled your hair differently? Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with a new look. Why not capture updated portraits reflecting your new style?

#9: Get out of the house!
It’s time to go explore – take your family to a new garden or into the city to see the fountains. We can move around more easily now, so let’s take advantage of it. So many of my clients thank me at the end of their session because of how much fun we have! One client even told me it felt like a date night for him and his wife! Let’s go run around and just have FUN together!

#10: I’ll help you the entire time.
I’m a mom myself – so I know the fatigue that comes with finding ways to entertain the family 24/7 at home. Give yourself a break and go do something fun together that you don’t really have to plan. I’ll help you figure out where to go and when to meet – all you have to do is show up and have fun! 

In all seriousness, the summer is one of my favorite times for family portraits. There’s just so much joy around us during this time of year. And with the freedom that’s come on the other side of this pandemic, it feels SO GOOD to be out with my favorite Philly families. If you’re ready to book a session for this summer, let’s talk! I can’t wait to see you and capture your summer memories!

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