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This month’s Lensbaby Blog Circle theme was “Love”, so of course I had to feature some of the pretty flowers that I so lovingly bought for myself the day before Valentine’s Day with the express purpose of taking pictures of them!  😉 Ahhh, the lengths we photographers will go to get “the shot”. 🙂

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  1. Are these with the macro attachment? These are gorgeous Lucy! I love how you put them together. You could make a big photo of this collage and frame it for your bathroom! Its so peaceful!

  2. Yep, these are with my macro tubes. I didn’t buy the special ones for the Lensbaby, just use the same ones I use on my other lenses. 🙂 Thanks! I did order one of the B&W’s as a canvas! 🙂

  3. These are beautiful! I love the droplets of water and the negative space you have in a lot of the photos! The one of the green flower is just gorgeous! What kind of flower is that?! LOVE!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! I am so impressed that these were taken with a lensbaby! I love the black and whites!

  5. These are wonderful. I love how many different views you gave us.
    …I buy myself flowers for the same reason 😉

  6. These are all just lovely – but I think the first two are my favorite. The black and white really adds to the dreamy quality of the photos.

  7. Love these macro shots! You’ve inspired me to get my new macro tubes figured out. I really like the negative space in your second (B&W) shot and really am drawn to the green flower – fave color right now!

  8. woo hoo you rock the macro attachment, I need lessons from you apparently lol These are gorgeous Lucy! Love the lime green (spider mum?).

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