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This month I took my Lensbaby lens with me on our family vacation to Assateague Island, best known for its wild horses. A few things I learned while on the island:
1) Those who live north of Assateague Island (namely, me) believe that this is where you go to see wild horses. Those who live below (aka, my mother in law) believe that Chincoteague is where the action is at. The correct answer is actually BOTH. Both barrier islands are nationally recognized bodies of land that are home to wild horses and in fact, there is an annual festival in the summer where the horses swim from one island to the other.
2) “Wild” is a bit of a misnomer. In fact, the horses that we saw spent most of the time hanging out by the tourist parking lots. Whomp whomp.
3) To dissuade people from feeding or touching the horses, there are graphic photos of people’s horsebites and other horse-related injuries in the Visitor’s Center restrooms. (Don’t worry, I didn’t take any such photos during my visit.)


Each month I participate in a Lensbaby blog circle, in which several talented photographers participate and link to each other’s blog posts to create a full “circle”.  Please keep clicking through the circle by visiting Kristen Ryan Photography’s blog.

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  1. Lovin’ the horse shots, Lucy! 🙂 They must be pretty tame to get that close. Love your little’s feet in the sand. Beautiful shot!

  2. Lucy! These are wonderful, I really liked seeing the images of the horses and reading the story to go a long! And The beach images are amazing. Wonderful color and the lensbaby really gives a sense of movement to them.

  3. Lucy, i LOVE the horse photos, esp 1st, 3rd, and 4th. i will have to add this to our list to visit (and i had to google the island 🙂

  4. My daughter is reading Misty of Chincoteague right now – I have to show her your photos! So cool. I LOVE the first and fourth photo of the horses – so beautiful. Nice job!

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