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I’m so excited to feature a photographer whose work I so greatly admire, Natalie Wheeler of Act Naturally Photography!

Hi Natalie, please tell me a bit about yourself.

I’m a lifestyle photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. My two children and husband are an inspiration to me every day. I love to travel, listen to music, cook and play board games with my family….and chocolate!

How do you incorporate emotion into your photography work?

I have found that the connection made between a photographer and her subject is at the core of getting beautiful, emotive photos. My goal is always to capture the moment honestly and when that happens, the emotions are real and raw in the photograph. And of course, light, gorgeous light and dramatic processing!

What has photography taught you about your own emotions?

I have a need to express my emotions through art, and photography has become my platform to express a variety of emotions. My photographs say what it’s impossible for me to say with words or with any other medium. It’s extremely therapeutic!

Has photography ever provided a healing outlet for you during a difficult time?

I moved to Phoenix about 6 years ago, leaving my family behind in the midwest. My daughter was only 2 months old at the time, so taking lots of pictures of her to share with family as she was changing on a daily basis, helped keep us connected. In a more general sense, photography helps me on a daily basis. It keeps me in touch with the beauty that constantly surrounds me- from the extraordinary to the mundane, and teaches me to live in the moment.

Please share five favorite images with emotional meaning for you.


My daughter and her multitude of expressions. The was one she gave me that only lasted a split second-hadn’t seen it before or since.


When the stars align, or in this case a rainbow. This just makes me smile.


Playing with cousins who live about 2,000 miles away. Makes my heart so happy.


We are rarely able to get out the door on time for school, but this day we had extra time and had a special treat at Dunkin Donuts. A very special memory for all of us.


I love animals, and this handsome guy is my nephew dog. I’ve gotten into freelensing this year, and just love the effect and emotion it can give to photographs.



Thank you for such a fun week of talent and mischief, Natalie!!  I love your playful use of light, color, perspective, and humor! <3  To see more of Natalie’s lifestyle photography, please follow her on Facebook or visit her website,  You can also find her work on Flickr and Instagram! 🙂

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