Tatum (#18)

father sits and laughs with grown son and daughter at home Ardmore PA Lucy Baber Photography

“Given my family’s socioeconomic status, I feel it’s most important for me as a Black dad to address the gray areas my middle-class children face. The opportunities and progress that are available to them are not constantly overshadowed by encounters with systemic racism. Therefore the parenting I need to give them is not as easily taught by experience as much as giving them awareness. This involves much teaching about not only being grateful for the sacrifices of their ancestors and connecting that legacy to the doors now open to them, but also being keenly aware of more insidious forms of racism. BLM has given an avenue for me to dialogue with white people in my life to talk about issues of race, bias, oppression, etc, which were previously routinely unexplored. It has also allowed me to see the depth of understanding my children have gained about their history throughout their upbringing, and given urgency to our involvement in political and community organizing efforts. My hope for my children is that they will be able to continue our legacy with the families they create, but I fear as they work to build their life that I could become a burden to them as I age. I hope that their participation in the U.S. economy allows them to sustain a higher socioeconomic status than what they experienced growing up that also affords them a comfortable retirement doing the things that they love. Finally, I hope that the beauty of the natural world as they experience it today is still intact for them to experience with their families and communities.”

father plays with toddler child at home Society Hill Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer
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