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The Inner Lens Top Ten | Week 1 Hopeful

I am so excited about the submissions everyone posted for our very first week of The Inner Lens!  I have big plans for this little page, and I love that all of you have chosen to join me on this journey! <3

Like many pages with weekly themes, we will be selecting a Top Ten from the images posted on our wall.  I say “we” because I do hope that some of you will come aboard as guest judges in the near future!  What sets us apart from the other pages though, is our focus on Emotions.  Sure, this is a great way to get your work featured among other extremely talented artists…but I also hope that you will take this opportunity to dive deeper into your OWN emotions each week and walk away with a greater sense of self-awareness and acceptance.  And remember, we always welcome your personal stories along with your photos!

“All my photographs are portraits—self-portraits, because you can’t photograph someone without reflecting/echoing, like a bat sending out a signal that comes back to you. You get not only a picture of who you’re photographing, but you get a picture of yourself at the same time.”  – Bruce Davidson

And so without further adieu, our Top Ten for “Hopeful”…


Photo Credit: Leigh Davis


Photo Credit: Melina Nastazia Photography


Photo Credit: Kari Lockett


Photo Credit: Ann Becker


Photo Credit: A Rock and a Soft Place


Photo Credit: Jujujems Art and Portrait Studio


Photo Credit: One Boy Photography


Photo Credit: Sarah Hudson Photography


Photo Credit: Mary Pat Reeve

And this week’s winner is…


Photo Credit: Jayne Cho

Jayne writes, “This train-track is located at South Korea’s most Northern train station, about 700m from the demilitarized zone. It leads to a rail maintenance facility – all built, ready and waiting for the time when North and South Korea one day reunite.”

I chose this image because I love the bold symmetry, competing lines of the fence against the lines of the railroad leading off into the distance, and that bright pop of the green fence and grass.  It really feels as if this spot is just holding its breath in anticipation of that one hopeful day. – Lucy