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The Lensbaby Project, April 2013 | Philadelphia Photographer

This month I took my Lensbaby lens with me on our family vacation to Assateague Island, best known for its wild horses. A few things I learned while on the island:
1) Those who live north of Assateague Island (namely, me) believe that this is where you go to see wild horses. Those who live below (aka, my mother in law) believe that Chincoteague is where the action is at. The correct answer is actually BOTH. Both barrier islands are nationally recognized bodies of land that are home to wild horses and in fact, there is an annual festival in the summer where the horses swim from one island to the other.
2) “Wild” is a bit of a misnomer. In fact, the horses that we saw spent most of the time hanging out by the tourist parking lots. Whomp whomp.
3) To dissuade people from feeding or touching the horses, there are graphic photos of people’s horsebites and other horse-related injuries in the Visitor’s Center restrooms. (Don’t worry, I didn’t take any such photos during my visit.)


Each month I participate in a Lensbaby blog circle, in which several talented photographers participate and link to each other’s blog posts to create a full “circle”.ย  Please keep clicking through the circle by visiting Kristen Ryan Photography’s blog.

The Lensbaby Project: March Blog Circle | Philadelphia Photographer

The fun thing about playing with my Lensbaby lens is that there are so few technical “rules” to follow, which allows me to explore the world through a different (and much more distorted) perspective. This month I decided to go rogue and not even follow a specific theme (gasp!). So please sit back and enjoy the randomness that was March. ๐Ÿ™‚

Admittedly, we have had some pretty funky weather this month, so we have had to get very creative about our daytime activities. On one such occasion, I brought my Lensbaby along to the pet store…

We’ve also enjoyed some really fantastic playdates with some of our favorite friends!

Finally, we are starting to see some small signs of spring. I’ve really enjoyed the few gorgeous evenings that we’ve been able to take a quiet stroll around the neighborhood.

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The Lensbaby Project: A Monthly Blog Circle | Mt. Airy Fine Art Photographer

This month’s Lensbaby Blog Circle theme was “Love”, so of course I had to feature some of the pretty flowers that I so lovingly bought for myself the day before Valentine’s Day with the express purpose of taking pictures of them!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ahhh, the lengths we photographers will go to get “the shot”. ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Lensbaby Project / Philadelphia Children’s Photographer

This month I am participating in a new monthly blog circle, The Lensbaby Project (don’t worry, I’m still doing Letters to Our Sons each month as well!). A Lensbaby is a type of camera lens that allows you to create different focal effects, such as extra blurring (called bokeh) that can help the subject of your photo stand out more (or less, depending on your desired effect). Sometimes it can even create an effect that makes it look like your subject is in motion. This style of photography is called Tilt Shift, and while it takes some practice to perfect, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with my new Lensbaby 2.0 since Christmas!
2013-01-27_0001.jpg 2013-01-27_0002.jpg

Each month, the other photographers in my blog circle will also post some shots taken with their Lensbabies. To see more of this fun photography style, please visit the next blog post by Jess Curkovic ofย  Jess C Photography.