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J&J | Philadelphia Couples Photographer

I recently traveled from Philadelphia to New York City to meet up with a friend and fellow photographer for a couple’s photo session.  I had so much fun watching these two explore the city and capturing these photos for them.


D. Family | Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

I really enjoyed this in-home Philadelphia newborn photo session. The D. Family was full of smiles and fun. Big brother was such a charmer, and their sweet new addition even got in on the action!


Baby M. | Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

I loved watching this adoring mom and dad cuddle their sweet baby girl during their in-home Philadelphia newborn session.



Valley Forge Family Photographer | Letters to Our Children May 2014

Dear boys,
This past month has been a very busy one, with your mama’s work picking up as the weather gets nicer. The weekends used to be about relaxing and spending time together, but these days you two are having more “dude time” with daddy while mommy goes off to her photo shoots. It’s a good thing, because this is what I’ve been working so hard for, but it also sometimes comes at the expense of some of our precious down time together.


After a long weekend of me being stuck in bed with strep throat this past weekend, the three of you happily joined me for my photo shoot in Valley Forge National Park. Daddy was kind enough to drive you around for your nap while I worked, and then we all met back up for a downright perfect Memorial Day picnic dinner. Chance had his first taste of canteloupe, while Theo entertained us with silly stories and discovered the joys of collecting buttercups. It’s moments like these that make me want to stop time.




The three of you make up my own private comedy show. I adore just sitting back and watching the action. Chance, you have officially hit the stage where new milestones are being met on a daily basis. These photos were taken just days ago, and already you are now officially sitting up on your own! And Theo, you have been understanding the basic structure of jokes better lately, and you’ve even started making up your own (completely nonsensical) jokes as well! 🙂 Watching the two of you laugh together just makes my heart completely swell. <3




Your mama

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Main Line Baby Photographer | Baby C

Welcome to the world, sweet Baby C! Your parents are big sister are SO excited to have you here, and I had a blast capturing these newborn photos for your fun family! 🙂















Main Line Newborn Photographer | Baby S

Baby S is the youngest of five, so of course we had to make sure he got lots of attention from mom and dad during his lifestyle newborn session. He was such a total cutie, and I had so much fun getting to know his sweet parents too!











Philadelphia Children’s Photographer | Letters to Our Children April 2014

Dear sweet boys,
This month we celebrated my birthday, and my only wish was to go somewhere inspiring to watch you (Theo) run around while I took some nice pictures. Thanks to some hard work of wrangling by your dad, this wish came true. We had a wonderful day at Longwood Gardens filled with flowers, fun, and photos, and then we ended it with a little trip to Fishtown for some pizza and vegan ice cream. 🙂 It was a wonderful mid-week treat, and I was so thankful for the two of you for cooperating.





Chance, as your little body continues to grow, you are becoming more and more laid back about life in general. You are a happy, social little guy who is often wonderfully content to stay close to your mama while she happily snaps away with the camera. Your teething journey continued this month, as depicted here by you sucking on this elephant lovey that we keep trying to force on you. You are a smiley, slobbery mess, and I am earnestly attached to you right now.


And Theo, I feel like you have gotten even faster in the past few weeks, although I had no idea this was even possible! When you run these days, you really put your heart into it…which leads to a fair amount of photos of your back, haha! But I am proud of how strong you are growing up to be. I hope you continue to challenge and use your body in new and exciting ways. Your hopelessly bookish and sedentary mama would love to watch you develop an interest in sports down the road…not for the competitive aspect, but for the sake of recognizing just how amazing and strong your body really can be!



And finally, a word about your ever-growing devotion to each other. I melt every single time I spy you, Chance watching your big brother cross the room and then your face lights up as Theo draws nearer. And Theo, you are such a loving, doting big brother…always picking up the toys he drops without being asked, and constantly taking a break from your superhero games to come give your baby brother a hug. I know the two of you are going to bicker eventually, and that’s okay. But I really hope that underneath it all, the two of you are able to maintain this loyalty to each other. It really is the most beautiful thing, and it makes your mama very very proud.


Mommy <3

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Rittenhouse Square Child Photographer | One Year Old Baby L

I had the pleasure of doing a one-year photo session for sweet L and his parents in Rittenhouse Square earlier this month. What a cutie!! He was so proud of his newfound love of walking, and we happily chased him around the square. Happy birthday Mr. L! 🙂









Philadelphia Baby Photographer | Baby M

I met this sweet family for their in-home newborn session on their baby girl’s twelfth day! In the Indian tradition, the twelfth day is a day of celebration, and I was very happy to also have the chance to include her grandmother in some shots as well. 🙂










Philadephia Family Photographer | Letters to Our Children March 2014

Dear Theo,
The past few months have been hard for you. Developmentally, it seems like age 3.5 is just very overwhelming. Add to the fact that you have a new younger brother who requires so much of my attention, and it makes perfect sense that the last few months have been trying for both of us. To help us reconnect, I took you on a special “Mommy and Theo date” after dinner one night. You had such a good time running around the playground after it started to get dark. And I loved watching your ninja moves and being able to pretend that you were keeping me safe from “bad guys and monsters”. I really hope to make more time for these special dates with just you and me. It felt so good to reconnect with you and focus all of my attention on just you for a change. And I could tell you really appreciated it too. Even though we’re going through a bit of a rough patch, I hope you know that I always always love you my sweet boy. I know we’ll get through this defiant phase. And you will surely come out of it with more independence, confidence, and problem-solving skills, which of course I want for you. <3


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