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The Beauty and Light Seminar 2015 | Jennifer Green Photography

I spoke with Jeni of  Jennifer Green Photography about her upcoming photography presentations at this year’s Beauty and Light Seminar in Kennett Square, PA.  Jeni will be sharing her techniques and insider tips on posing couples to create beautifully intimate and authentic wedding and engagement photos.

1) How did you get started in photography?

I got started in photography in 2006 when I was attending concerts. I was taking lots of photos with my point and shoot and people started to tell me that I had a good eye. I ended up buying my first DSLR and had my first real assignment in 2007. The rest snowballed from there.

2) What’s in your bag?

Nikon Gear that is ever changing. My style is always evolving in terms of what sorts of lenses I work with. Currently I’m shooting Nikon D700’s with a 24-70, 50 prime, 85 prime and 80-200. I have several flashes and OCF gear for lighting

3) If money were no object, what would you shoot?

Honestly– I’ve always wanted to be a celebrity photographer– shooting studio type portraits. I’m so interested in showing the souls of people we idolize through the lens.

4) What has been your proudest moment as a photographer?

I think my proudest moments are just the ones where I see my vision brought to life.

5) What are you still working on improving?

I’m working still on improving off camera flash techniques.

6) Why are you so passionate about your topic?

I can’t really explain why but I love love. I aim every time I photograph a couple to show the genuine emotion and bond between the couple. Posing a couple for me is so much more than just “stand here, wrap your arm” its about how you can get their personalities to show through and how you can show their comfort and vulnerabilities through your lens.

7) What will I learn from you at the seminar? What if I don’t typically shoot the same subjects as you? Will I still benefit?

I think you’ll learn about interacting with people, even strangers. You’ll be able to see the way that I work with a couple to bring their true selves through. You’ll be able to see how I go from start to finish to get a session that truly represents the couple. I think that anyone will benefit, even if they don’t shoot couples, because making the people we photography comfortable is important with every session.

8) Which of the speakers are YOU most excited to learn from?

I’m incredibly excited about Vikki Sloviter’s Ballet Photography. I love movement and I’m very interested in understanding how it is Vikki sets up her shots.
Excited to learn more?  Be sure to join us for a day of photography education and inspiration at The Beauty and Light Seminar in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania on May 17, 2015.