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Philadelphia Baby Photographer | Baby D

One of my absolute favorite things to photograph is a new mother with her baby. As a photographer mom myself, I know how infrequent these moments with mom in front of the camera can be, and it’s my goal to capture all of those wonderful laughs, snuggles, and warmth for the family to hold on to. Sweet baby D made it so much fun for all of us at this session last fall! <3







Philadelphia Family Photographer | R Family Photos

All of this snow has me reminiscing about the fall. Remember when it was nice enough outside to play without jackets?? Looking forward to my next family photo shoot with this sweet Royersford family!







Philadelphia Headshot Photographer | Alex and Rosali

Back in November, I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside some very talented friends for my first-ever fashion shoot!

Designer: Monica Stevens Smyth | http://about.me/monica.stevens.smyth
HMUA: Ioana Chiorean | ioanachiorean.tumblr.com
Set/Styling: Tennyson Tippy | tennysontippy.com
Models: Alexandra Day | alexandraday.bandcamp.com/
Rosali Middleman | [email protected]
Location courtesy of Sarah and Matt Beck

Philadelphia Headshot Photographer Lucy Baber PhotographyPhiladelphia Headshot Photographer Lucy Baber PhotographyPhiladelphia Headshot Photographer Lucy Baber PhotographyPhiladelphia Headshot Photographer Lucy Baber Photography

Please remember to leave some love for the lovely ladies who worked hard to help me put this together!

Philadelphia Newborn Photographer | Baby L

I got to meet Baby Linus for my first session back from maternity leave and it was so much fun! He was such a snuggly little sweetheart, and big sister E was just a doll, as always! πŸ˜‰ Congratulations again to my dear friends Callie and Phil! What a beautiful family you have!! <3





Chestnut Hill Children’s Photographer | January 2014 Letters to Our Children

Dear Theo and Chance,
This is my first letter to both of you, so of course I am bursting with things I want to say. But since a certain one of you (I won’t name names) wants to be held most of the day and night, I’ll be brief.

Before I had you, Chance, I wasn’t sure how I could possibly love someone as much as I love Theo. But of course, you proved me wrong. As cliche as it may sound, instead of needing to split my affection I have found that my love was able to multiply instead. Not only do I love each of you as individuals, but I am also in awe of your budding relationship, even at such a young age. Theo, I love how affectionate and protective you are of Chance. You are wonderful at helping to calm him down, and at times you have even better instincts than I do about what will soothe him! And Chance, even at only one month old, I love watching how much you just adore your big brother. You smile every single time he comes near, and you watch him run circles around you with utter adoration and awe. Don’t worry little guy, you’ll be able to chase him around soon enough. πŸ˜‰

And now I hear those little baby wimpers calling “Hold me Mommy!”, so I’ll leave you with these precious photos to hold you over until next month! <3






Love you both so much,

Each month I participate in a blog circle with a group of other very talented photographers and mothers from around the world. Please keep clicking through the circle by visiting the blog ofΒ Yi Li Photography.

Chestnut Hill Family Photographer | Letters to Our Sons, October 2013

Dear Theo,
Several months have passed since my last letter. You’ve started preschool, which you absolutely LOVE! You’ve finally started sleeping through the night! And we all lived through the craziness of potty training with relatively few emotional scars.



We are in full baby prep mode, as your baby brother will be joining us in the next 2 months. As the holiday season approaches, you are not only completely excited for the chance to wear costumes and get special treats, but you are also keenly aware that each passing holiday brings us closer to meeting him. I love how excited and nurturing you already are…constantly hugging me and my belly, telling me “I’ll take care of you mommy”, making up play scenarios involving mommies taking care of babies, and getting so excited at the thought that you will get to teach your brother so many fun new things!


This past month, we’ve enjoyed gearing up for fall by visiting all the local festivals…pumpkin patches, hay maze, and even your daddy’s favorite Lancaster County childhood tourist spot: the Oregon Dairy. πŸ™‚ You absolutely fell in love with the little cow at the playground, which you lovingly named “Cowlick” and carefully guarded so none of the other kids would sit on her.


And finally today, I gave you what will probably be your last haircut before the baby arrives. We sat in the backyard and I bent over you, big belly and all, while you sat so still even though it tickled! πŸ™‚ I was so proud of my big boy, and you look so handsome with your new cut! <3

Love you so much,

Each month I participate in a blog circle with a group of other very talented photographers and mothers from around the world. Please keep clicking through the circle by visiting the blog of Kimberly Glass Photography.

Chestnut Hill Maternity Photographer | Allie

Congratulations to my dear friend Allie, who gave birth to her second child (Baby Jonah) yesterday morning! Isn’t she absolutely stunning?

Philadelphia Headshot Photographer | Melinda

I met Melinda at a model/photographer meetup and she was an absolute joy to work with! So pleasant, confident, and professional…a photographer’s dream! I expect big things from Ms. M, so keep your eye out for her! πŸ™‚

Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer | September Mystery Blog Circle

Each month, the ladies over at Photography Because post a new blog circle with a specific theme for you to guess. Can you guess this month’s theme? Keep clicking through the other talented ladies’ blog posts and then come back to leave a comment with your answer! Next in line is Jayne Cho.


Baby M and Family | Chestnut Hill Baby Photographer

Sweet Baby M is not only incredibly cute, but he’s also my nephew! πŸ™‚Β  We don’t get to see this family nearly enough, but I’m so happy I was asked to capture these early days for them.Β  This little guy was a total champ at almost one month old…which goes to show, it’s never too late to book your family’s photos after a new baby arrives! πŸ™‚

Since this family is extra special to me, I’m also going to do something I never do…share a full 25 image gallery in their blog post! πŸ™‚