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Philadelphia Baby Photographer | Letters to Our Sons February

Dear Chance,
This month I wanted to write my first letter to just you. At two and a half months old, I still feel like we are just getting to know each other. You remind me so much of your big brother at this age, it’s sometimes hard to remember that you are going to keep growing and developing your own unique personality. In a lot of ways, you have the same moodiness and high needs. When you’re unhappy, you certainly let us know about it! And you also run pretty “hot and cold” like Theo did at your age…either laughing or screaming most of the time!



You’re also big and strong, like your big brother. We’ve promoted you to 6 month clothes already, and sure enough when I went back to look at old photos, this was just about the point that Theo grew into that size as well. It’s so sweet bringing out those old familiar clothes again…so many memories of your brother wearing them, and it’s so much fun to imagine the new experiences you will have in them too!




I’m already seeing some glimpses of your uniqueness as well. There’s a quieter, more observant, and cuddly side of you. Developmentally, “they” say that you are still too young to show a preference for certain caregivers…but I disagree. Even though you can hardly control your own limbs at this age, I can already see you trying to motion for me to pick you up. You love to snuggle and play, and your eyes always light up when we give you our undivided attention.




I’m having so much fun watching you grow into your own person, and I can’t wait to hear all about what’s on that little mind of yours soon when you begin talking! <3


Love you so much,

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