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The Inner Lens Guest Judge Artist Feature | Act Naturally Photography

I’m so excited to feature a photographer whose work I so greatly admire, Natalie Wheeler of Act Naturally Photography!

Hi Natalie, please tell me a bit about yourself.

I’m a lifestyle photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. My two children and husband are an inspiration to me every day. I love to travel, listen to music, cook and play board games with my family….and chocolate!

How do you incorporate emotion into your photography work?

I have found that the connection made between a photographer and her subject is at the core of getting beautiful, emotive photos. My goal is always to capture the moment honestly and when that happens, the emotions are real and raw in the photograph. And of course, light, gorgeous light and dramatic processing!

What has photography taught you about your own emotions?

I have a need to express my emotions through art, and photography has become my platform to express a variety of emotions. My photographs say what it’s impossible for me to say with words or with any other medium. It’s extremely therapeutic!

Has photography ever provided a healing outlet for you during a difficult time?

I moved to Phoenix about 6 years ago, leaving my family behind in the midwest. My daughter was only 2 months old at the time, so taking lots of pictures of her to share with family as she was changing on a daily basis, helped keep us connected. In a more general sense, photography helps me on a daily basis. It keeps me in touch with the beauty that constantly surrounds me- from the extraordinary to the mundane, and teaches me to live in the moment.

Please share five favorite images with emotional meaning for you.


My daughter and her multitude of expressions. The was one she gave me that only lasted a split second-hadn’t seen it before or since.


When the stars align, or in this case a rainbow. This just makes me smile.


Playing with cousins who live about 2,000 miles away. Makes my heart so happy.


We are rarely able to get out the door on time for school, but this day we had extra time and had a special treat at Dunkin Donuts. A very special memory for all of us.


I love animals, and this handsome guy is my nephew dog. I’ve gotten into freelensing this year, and just love the effect and emotion it can give to photographs.



Thank you for such a fun week of talent and mischief, Natalie!!  I love your playful use of light, color, perspective, and humor! <3  To see more of Natalie’s lifestyle photography, please follow her on Facebook or visit her website, www.actnaturallyphotography.com.  You can also find her work on Flickr and Instagram! 🙂

Main Line Philadelphia Maternity Photographer | The H Family

Sending positive vibes to this sweet mama and her family, as they are anxiously awaiting baby’s arrival any day now! I loved working with them for their maternity photo session at Swarthmore College last month! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet and photograph their new baby very soon! <3










Philadelphia Maternity Photographer | The C Family

I had an awesome time getting to know this adorable couple for their maternity session in Washington Square, Philadelphia. I just love capturing all these pre-baby cuddles for new parents as they wait for baby to arrive! 🙂









Dear Chance,
It’s been a big month, filled with milestones and summer activities. Your personality continues to reveal itself, through bouts of giggles and your determination to be on the move.


We took a trip to Titi Lucy’s beach house this month, an annual tradition since I was a little girl. 🙂 It was a luxurious 4 days of lounging, playing, cuddling, and laughing for the four of us! You loved feeling the ocean breeze on your face, and of course you tried to eat the sand. 😉 We loved the luxury of being able to set our own pace of playing in the sand all morning, laying around napping all afternoon, and then heading out for ice cream and more beachside fun in the evenings.







I was especially happy that we spent some time visiting with my Abuelo and Titi Lucy. Abuelo isn’t as mobile as he used to be, but he’s still got all the boyish spunk that I remember from my childhood. He loved making you laugh and watching you play and try to crawl.


You’ve been working hard on achieving some major milestones this past month. You got your first two teeth (ouch!) and are so anxious to start crawling and walking! The past two days, all you want to do is be held so you can stand. I know you will be walking before we know it! As exhausting as these milestones can be for us, we are also so very proud and thoroughly entertained by you as well! 2014-07-24_0010.jpg


I love you so very much, and I am so excited to see what the next month will bring for you!

Love and kisses,

Each month I participate in a blog circle with a group of other very talented photographers and mothers from around the world. Please keep clicking through the circle by visiting the blog of Gwen Papp.

Philadelphia Baby Photographer | Watch Them Grow

Two photographers, two babies born one week apart in December 2013. We are excited to watch them grow together through each other’s lenses and see their similarities and differences. Please join us once a month as we share our little boys’ journey’s.

Inspired by this blog.

Lots of sitting, reaching, and yearning to be bigger happening this month.  <3


Erin Hensley Photography


Lucy Baber Photography

Philadelphia Photography Workshop | The Beauty and Light Seminar FAQ

We are so excited for the upcoming Beauty and Light Seminar in Philadelphia, PA on September 14, 2014. We’ve been getting lots of great feedback and thought it might be helpful to share a few FAQ’s with everyone before registration opens on July 24, 2014.


What skill level is this for?
All skill levels are welcome, but photographers will benefit most from the content if they are familiar with the exposure triangle and shooting in manual mode.

Will there be hands-on shooting?
Yes, we will be working on location after the presentations at the end of the day (3-5 PM). Bring your camera or smart phones to practice what you’ve learned. The featured speakers will also be available for questions and assistance during this time.

What if I don’t have an iPhone? Will I still benefit from that topic?
Most of the content will cover apps specific to iPhones, but all smart phones are welcome and many universal themes (exposure, composition, use of light, etc.) will be discussed.

Lucy Baber:


What time can we check in? What’s the schedule for the day?
9:15 AM – Check-in
Welcome – 10 AM
10:15 – Artistic Confidence (Lucy Baber)
11:15 – Natural Light Portraits (Tricia Ebarvia)
12-1 – Lunch
1 – Flattering Poses for Women (Jeni Green)
2 – iPhoneography 101 (Celeste Jones)
3-5 – Small group shooting (on-location)

Tricia Ebarvia:


How much does it cost?
Registration is $50 per person.

Can I get a discount if I only attend part of the Seminar?
You are welcome to come late and/or leave early if you wish, but there will be no refunds or discounts for your registration fee.

Can I get a refund it I change my mind or can’t make it?
No, all sales are final. If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to sell/transfer your seat to someone else. The Beauty and Light Seminar organizers and speakers will not be held responsible for selling your ticket on your behalf.

Jeni Green:


What should I bring?
Please bring a camera and any other natural light gear (lenses, etc.), paper and pen (or writing material of choice), smart/camera phone, and any light snacks you might want (optional).

Can I bring my children?
In order to provide an optimal learning environment for everyone involved, we ask that children please not attend.

Are meals provided? Should I bring my own food?
A light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs. You are welcome to bring your own personal snacks as well.

What about parking?
The Pig Iron Theatre is located in a residential neighborhood northeast of Center City.  There is free, on-street parking available.  Public transportation is also easily accessible.  Please visit http://www.septa.org/ to plan your trip.

How can I sign up?
Registration opens on July 24, 2014. You may register by contacting [email protected]

Celeste Jones:


Philadelphia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Baby K

I loved being able to capture so much of this family’s personality in sweet baby K’s lifestyle newborn session. Dad is an airforce pilot, and being able to include that important part of their lives into K’s photos was very special. I loved that dad even requested a shot with K wearing his “Baby-ators”!

I am so thankful for all of my clients who serve this country, and for their hardworking partners at home who make such big sacrifices so that we can all stay safe. Happy Independence Day!







Philadelphia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Baby J and Family

I loved working with this fun family for their lifestyle newborn photo session. This little guy was almost TOO easy! He slept like a champ for his solo portraits, and his big brother was just the cutest thing when it was his turn in front of the camera. 🙂












Philadelphia Family Photographer | Letters to Our Children June 2014

Dear Theo,
This month you turned 4 years old. As cliche as it might sound, it’s as if I blinked and the past four years have just completely flown by. You are growing into such a sweet-hearted, empathetic, bright little boy. You are clever, you have a fabulous imagination, and you are especially gifted with spatial reasoning (things like puzzles and building new inventions with your Legos). Sometimes I realize that we put so much emphasis on your silly and joking nature, because you really are quite the performer. But you have so many other wonderful qualities too, and I want to be sure to remember them as you grow up.



To celebrate your birthday, we continued our (hopefully annual) tradition of going to Dutch Wonderland. This year made your daddy especially excited, because you were tall enough to ride your first roller coaster. It really turned out to be the perfect day…even Chance was a great sport and happily let us lug him around the park all day.

I know I’ve said it before, but the relationship you are building with your brother just makes my heart absolutely soar. You are so loving, gentle, and concerned about him every single day. There are times when you really are the only person who can make him laugh, and you make it a point to do so as often as possible. 😉 I hope this never ever changes!

Now that you’re done with your first year of preschool and summer break has started, I’ve been trying really hard to give you the quintessential “fun” summer that I remember from my own childhood. We’ve been exploring new playgrounds, staying up past bedtime, and indulging in ice cream as much as we want! I love that this photography passion of mine has allowed me the opportunity to spend so much time with you and your brother.




I hope that one day you will know that we have been so very blessed. Lately this has been a struggle for you to understand, as you are at an age of extreme entitlement and start to pout when we don’t always indulge in “special” things like new toys, lunches out, or special treats or activities. But I truly hope that I can continue to teach you that blessings don’t always have to be “bought”, and that we already have so very much by sharing love and joy within our little family.


Each month I participate in a blog circle with a group of other very talented photographers and mothers from around the world. Please keep clicking through the circle by visiting the blog of Christine Lin.

Philadelphia Baby Photographer | Miss J’s Four Month Photos

I loved working with Miss J and her sweet parents for her four month baby photos. Those chubby cheeks, tiny toes, and adorable baby giggles just never get old, and I had such a great time being able to capture these precious moments for her doting parents.