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Letters to Our Sons, June 2013 | Philadelphia Family Photographer

Dear Theo,
Today is your third birthday. What a big boy you are! We are so proud of what a bright, funny, talented boy you have become! To celebrate your birthday, we went to Dutch Wonderland over the weekend, and we will be making a special dinner of homemade pizza and birthday cake for just the three of us tonight. I love that you honestly believe we took a trip into outer space on the rocketship ride at Dutch Wonderland. Your sense of imagination and willingness to embrace your inner storyteller makes me the proudest mommy I could possibly be!


This year is going to bring along a lot of changes and growth for you and for our family. Pretty soon, you will be potty trained (fingers crossed!), going to preschool, and by the end of 2013 you will become a Big Brother! I have no doubts that you will excel at every single one of these new roles. I love that you are already such a nurturing soul, always cuddling and caring for your stuffed animal “babies”. Your new little sibling is going to be one lucky baby to have such a loving, protective big brother as you!


This month, I wanted to make sure I captured all of the wonderful things that make you so special, so I decided to “interview” you at lunch the other day to ask about all of your favorite things at age 3. Of course, I know that most of these answers would be different if I had asked at dinnertime (when we ate green beans instead of cucumbers), or if I had asked you these questions a few weeks ago when your favorite Superhero was Iron Man…but I’m happy to have recorded a small snapshot of your life even if it only records just a few fleeting moments in that ever-expanding and creative mind of yours.


Love you so much,

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Letters to Our Sons Project | Mt. Airy Children’s Photographer

Dear Theo,
We had a lot of fun together this past month, now that my daytime schedule has shifted and we now spend the bulk of our days alone together. I’ve been trying very hard to keep you busy with special art projects and field trips out of the house so that we don’t get sucked into the TV trap (which can be sooo tempting for both of us some days). We’ve played with finger paints, ran around outside a lot, and your new favorite phrase has become “Hey mommy do you want to play with me?”

I love experiencing the world through your eyes, as even something as simple as using scissors for the first time turns into a All Day Project!

I also love having the privilege of watching you and your daddy hang out and have “dudes time”, as you like to call it. I know he really loves that time with you too.

I treasure our time together, even though my attention span and patience doesn’t always let it show as much as I’d like. To quote Olivia the pig’s mom, “Sometimes you really wear me out. But I love you anyway.” <3


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Letters to Our Sons Project, December 2012

Dear Theo,

Lately you have been astounding me with your incredible growing mind.  You have been able to create and share stories with us, completely designed by your budding imagination.  Yesterday, you demonstrated your ability to pick the baby lock on the refrigerator as well as your ability to hit the stop button followed by the Netflix button on the remote (“I want to watch new show mommy.”).  You are able to pick out your outfits on a daily basis now, and you’ve learned how to put on your coat all by yourself by using the magic “up and over” trick. 🙂  You are now responsible for hanging up your own coat and putting away your shoes when we come into the house.  We’ve started counting down the days until Christmas on the Advent calendar, and you’ve surprised us each day by recognizing numbers we had no idea you even knew!

IMG_6636 -sm

IMG_7363 -sm-2

And yet, despite all this growth, you are still our little snuggler.  You frequently ask to be buried in pillows and blankets in your “nest”.  You ask to be “held like Baby Theo” and for mommy to feed you your water “like Baby Theo”.

IMG_6611 -sm

IMG_6632 -sm

You’re getting so big, and yet you’re still so very small.  It can be a hard thing to navigate…learning how to foster your independence while also treasuring your snuggles and smallness.


IMG_7516 -sm

IMG_7529 -sm

I know I can’t freeze time, but these pictures are my very best effort to do so.  I want to make these moments last as long as possible.  When you look back on them years from now, I want you to be reminded of all the fun you had growing up, all the curiosity and wonder I noticed in you; I want you to remember a time when your sense of adventure far outweighed the stress and anxieties of life.

IMG_7433 -sm

IMG_6700 -sm

And…maybe selfishly, I also want to be able to recall these days for myself, so that I can remember your tiny toes and your love for your favorite pacifiers (“Old Bluey” and “Old Greeny”).  As much as I’m excited and proud to watch your growth, I also secretly want you to stay small for as long as possible.

IMG_7566 -sm


Your Mommy

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