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The “A” Family | Elizabethtown PA Family Photographer

I always love the opportunity to meet up with old friends from high school and catch a glimpse into their world as a “grown up”. 🙂 Thank you, Jackie, for allowing me to meet and photograph your lovely home and family!

G. Family Maternity Photos | Chestnut Hill Family Photographer

One of the best perks of my job is getting to see families year after year as they continue to grow. I loved meeting up with this sweet family of soon-to-be-four again to celebrate baby #2 on the way! Congrats G. Family!! <3

Letters to Our Sons, June 2013 | Philadelphia Family Photographer

Dear Theo,
Today is your third birthday. What a big boy you are! We are so proud of what a bright, funny, talented boy you have become! To celebrate your birthday, we went to Dutch Wonderland over the weekend, and we will be making a special dinner of homemade pizza and birthday cake for just the three of us tonight. I love that you honestly believe we took a trip into outer space on the rocketship ride at Dutch Wonderland. Your sense of imagination and willingness to embrace your inner storyteller makes me the proudest mommy I could possibly be!


This year is going to bring along a lot of changes and growth for you and for our family. Pretty soon, you will be potty trained (fingers crossed!), going to preschool, and by the end of 2013 you will become a Big Brother! I have no doubts that you will excel at every single one of these new roles. I love that you are already such a nurturing soul, always cuddling and caring for your stuffed animal “babies”. Your new little sibling is going to be one lucky baby to have such a loving, protective big brother as you!


This month, I wanted to make sure I captured all of the wonderful things that make you so special, so I decided to “interview” you at lunch the other day to ask about all of your favorite things at age 3. Of course, I know that most of these answers would be different if I had asked at dinnertime (when we ate green beans instead of cucumbers), or if I had asked you these questions a few weeks ago when your favorite Superhero was Iron Man…but I’m happy to have recorded a small snapshot of your life even if it only records just a few fleeting moments in that ever-expanding and creative mind of yours.


Love you so much,

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Letters to Our Sons, May 2013 | Philadelphia Children’s Photographer

Dear Theo,
Another month has passed and no matter how hard I try to make the time slow down, it just won’t! Your body and mind (and hair!) just keep on growing and I am amazed every single day at what a bright, fun, and happy little boy you are becoming.


You’ve become much more of a homebody this past month, as we’re no longer bound to any particular schedules to get us out of the house during the work week. It’s just the two of us and our daily whims that keep us going while daddy is at work, and you seem absolutely content to stay inside and play with your toys all day long (no matter how much I try to coax you to help me run errands or even go to the playground!). You LOVE your superheroes, cars, and toy animals, and when you’re not crashing your monster trucks into elaborately constructed block towers, then you are undoubtedly assigning me to help you on a Secret Mission to rescue a trapped baby animal under a pile of pillows. You’ve gotten really good at puzzles lately too, and no matter how full our bookshelves become, you still love diving into all the new books at the library.


This evening after a walk with your daddy, you came home and told me that you brought home a new friend, an imaginary puma that you named Penguin. Your imagination continues to astound me, and I love hearing all of the intricate stories you concoct! I can’t believe that you will be THREE the next time I write this monthly letter.  The time has gone by so very fast. <3


Love you so much,

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H Family | Pottstown Baby Photographer

Several weeks ago, I had the truly unique experience of photographing six-month-old QUADRUPLETS! I have to admit, I was pretty nervous going into it…but looking back it will definitely go down as one of my all-time favorite family sessions ever! These four sweet babies were just sooooo well-behaved and incredibly photogenic, and their parents were so relaxed and fun to be around, the session honestly could not have gone smoother if I’d tried! 🙂 Special shout out to my awesome assistant for the day, Alexa!

SariFixation Design Challenge | Mt. Airy Children’s Photographer

I did my first stylized photo session yesterday and it was so much fun! Two friends of mine have created a gorgeous play tent, as part of a design competition for Sari Fixation. Competing designers were challenged with the task of creating innovative uses for salvaged saris and I definitely think Tennyson and Haley have done just that with their gorgeously whimsical tent. My model, Miss E, was so cooperative and immediately got lost in her teddy bear tea party…a sign of a well-loved play tent, if you ask me! 🙂 To cheer on the designers, please visit their contestant page at Sari Fixation | SariTent.

Letters to Our Sons Project | Mt. Airy Children’s Photographer

Dear Theo,
We had a lot of fun together this past month, now that my daytime schedule has shifted and we now spend the bulk of our days alone together. I’ve been trying very hard to keep you busy with special art projects and field trips out of the house so that we don’t get sucked into the TV trap (which can be sooo tempting for both of us some days). We’ve played with finger paints, ran around outside a lot, and your new favorite phrase has become “Hey mommy do you want to play with me?”

I love experiencing the world through your eyes, as even something as simple as using scissors for the first time turns into a All Day Project!

I also love having the privilege of watching you and your daddy hang out and have “dudes time”, as you like to call it. I know he really loves that time with you too.

I treasure our time together, even though my attention span and patience doesn’t always let it show as much as I’d like. To quote Olivia the pig’s mom, “Sometimes you really wear me out. But I love you anyway.” <3


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Letters to Our Sons Blog Circle: March 2013 | Philadelphia Family Photographer

Dear Theo,
This past month I have been amazed by your growing mind. I feel like you not only look older all of a sudden, but you are also acting older! There have been so many moments in the past few weeks where your dad and I look at each other in disbelief and say “When did he become such a little boy instead of a toddler???”

At this age, you are always singing, dancing, and constantly cracking us up! I knew from a very young age that you had a fantastic sense of humor, and you always continue to deliver one hilarious punchline after another these days. Just the other day, while changing your diaper, I noticed you had grown very quiet. I asked, “What are you thinking about right now Theo?” And you replied (completely out of nowhere), “I’m just thinking about going to the hippo store so we can buy a hippo. I want to name my hippo Hippo-y”.


Oh, and also, I think this one pretty much speaks for itself (Mr. Potato Head mustache held up by your pacifier, inspired by your matching mustache shirt…where do you come up with this stuff???).

As much as you completely wear me out most days, I really treasure these long, luxurious days that I get to spend at home with you. I love going to the playground and watching you run around and meet new friends, I love hearing all of the wonderful plotlines you create in your imagination about us running away from monsters, pretending we’re mommy kangaroos carrying our babies in our pouches, or knocking on every tree we pass to ask if there are “Any goblins in there?”

And mostly, I love doing just about anything under the sun to make you smile. Even (or especially) when it involves you randomly directing me to shout “Olives!” so you can shout “Meatballs!” in response as we drive home from the grocery store together. (Seriously, where does this kid come up with this stuff?!?!?!)


Love always,

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A Day in the Life… | Mt. Airy Lifestyle Photographer

I love a good personal project to keep challenging myself creatively! Yesterday, I challenged myself to capture a typical Saturday for our family. I believe that there are beautiful moments happening in our lives every single day, and it is my overarching goal as a photographer to try to capture those moments with mindful intention and a spirit of thankfulness (yes, even when my two year old is too antsy to wait in the grocery store line so we have to sit on the bench outside and stay entertained till daddy comes out!).

So here is a day in my life (which just happens to be yesterday)…

8:30 AM: Dinosaur parade

9:30 AM: My Dentist Appointment (no cavities, yay!)

10:30 AM: Puzzle time

11:30 AM: Nap Procrastination time

12:30 PM: Our cat Brimley (she has a bit of a toddler phobia).

1:30 PM: Field trip time! (Home Depot)

2:30 PM: Rainy Day Traffic

3:30 PM: Grocery Store

4:30 PM: Still at the grocery store…

5:30 PM: Cuddle time while Daddy makes dinner

6 PM: Dinner time!

7 PM: Potty break

8 PM: Bedtime!

Letters to Our Sons, February 2013 | Philadelphia Family Photos

Dear Theo,
This month I want to write to you about our family. There are so many wonderful traits that I see both your daddy and I have passed on to you. You are playful and cuddly and a constant joker/performer just like your daddy. But more importantly, you are loyal and honest, just like him too. You have his same nurturing spirit and I am proud that you have such a wonderful role model to teach you how to cook, clean up around the house and care for others like he does. One day you’ll read this when you’re all grown up, and I may or may not have the same wonderful, glowing compliments to say about your dad (you know, depending on the day, and the status of the laundry and dishes). But I want you to know that despite our ups and downs, your daddy and I love each other very much, and I am so very proud of the precious traits and lessons he is passing on to you.


You are also a dreamer and a feeler, which means you are full of both a fantastic imagination as well as the occasional sense of overwhelming emotion and anxiety. You are so lovably quirky and full of big ideas, but sometimes the world is still just too big for you to swallow and so you continue to turn to your beloved pacifiers, “Old Bluey” and “Old Greeny” and your favorite lovey…my “squishy elbow”.  🙂  As a therapist’s son, you are the only two year old I know who is able to state “I feel a little bit nervous right now”, and even though I wish the world didn’t have to be such a stressful place for all of us some days, I am thankful that you are able to express your emotions so clearly at such a young age.


Every day I tell myself, “It can’t possibly get any more fun than this stage Theo is at right now!” and then every next day you go right ahead and prove me wrong!  🙂  I love seeing the world through your eyes, and I hope that I am doing it at least a little bit of justice from behind this camera lens!


Each month, I join a small group of other talented photographer moms to write a letter to our sons. Please keep reading through this blog circle by visiting Abbotsford Lifestyle Photographer, Candice Victoria Photography.