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The Lensbaby Project: March Blog Circle | Philadelphia Photographer

The fun thing about playing with my Lensbaby lens is that there are so few technical “rules” to follow, which allows me to explore the world through a different (and much more distorted) perspective. This month I decided to go rogue and not even follow a specific theme (gasp!). So please sit back and enjoy the randomness that was March. πŸ™‚

Admittedly, we have had some pretty funky weather this month, so we have had to get very creative about our daytime activities. On one such occasion, I brought my Lensbaby along to the pet store…

We’ve also enjoyed some really fantastic playdates with some of our favorite friends!

Finally, we are starting to see some small signs of spring. I’ve really enjoyed the few gorgeous evenings that we’ve been able to take a quiet stroll around the neighborhood.

Each month, I participate in a blog circle with some other very talented photographer friends. To see more inspiring work from this lovely group of ladies, please visit the next post in the blog circle, by Jaimi Lammers.

Fine Art in our own Backyard | Chestnut Hill Fine Art Photographer

I truly believe that beauty is all around us. That being said, I’ve also been known to waste my days on Pinterest daydreaming about luxurious overseas vacations and European adventures. So it was incredibly fulfilling to spend some quiet time with my camera walking through our church last week, The Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, in Chestnut Hill.

According to the church website, the church building is “evocative of the late Victorian Gothic style” and was “designed by brother architects George W. and William D. Hewitt. Founder Henry Howard Houston deeded the property to the vestry in his will. Formal consecration took place on St. Martin’s Day, 1895.”


Letters to Our Sons Blog Circle: March 2013 | Philadelphia Family Photographer

Dear Theo,
This past month I have been amazed by your growing mind. I feel like you not only look older all of a sudden, but you are also acting older! There have been so many moments in the past few weeks where your dad and I look at each other in disbelief and say “When did he become such a little boy instead of a toddler???”

At this age, you are always singing, dancing, and constantly cracking us up! I knew from a very young age that you had a fantastic sense of humor, and you always continue to deliver one hilarious punchline after another these days. Just the other day, while changing your diaper, I noticed you had grown very quiet. I asked, “What are you thinking about right now Theo?” And you replied (completely out of nowhere), “I’m just thinking about going to the hippo store so we can buy a hippo. I want to name my hippo Hippo-y”.


Oh, and also, I think this one pretty much speaks for itself (Mr. Potato Head mustache held up by your pacifier, inspired by your matching mustache shirt…where do you come up with this stuff???).

As much as you completely wear me out most days, I really treasure these long, luxurious days that I get to spend at home with you. I love going to the playground and watching you run around and meet new friends, I love hearing all of the wonderful plotlines you create in your imagination about us running away from monsters, pretending we’re mommy kangaroos carrying our babies in our pouches, or knocking on every tree we pass to ask if there are “Any goblins in there?”

And mostly, I love doing just about anything under the sun to make you smile. Even (or especially) when it involves you randomly directing me to shout “Olives!” so you can shout “Meatballs!” in response as we drive home from the grocery store together. (Seriously, where does this kid come up with this stuff?!?!?!)


Love always,

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The Lensbaby Project: A Monthly Blog Circle | Mt. Airy Fine Art Photographer

This month’s Lensbaby Blog Circle theme was “Love”, so of course I had to feature some of the pretty flowers that I so lovingly bought for myself the day before Valentine’s Day with the express purpose of taking pictures of them!Β  πŸ˜‰ Ahhh, the lengths we photographers will go to get “the shot”. πŸ™‚

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A Day in the Life… | Mt. Airy Lifestyle Photographer

I love a good personal project to keep challenging myself creatively! Yesterday, I challenged myself to capture a typical Saturday for our family. I believe that there are beautiful moments happening in our lives every single day, and it is my overarching goal as a photographer to try to capture those moments with mindful intention and a spirit of thankfulness (yes, even when my two year old is too antsy to wait in the grocery store line so we have to sit on the bench outside and stay entertained till daddy comes out!).

So here is a day in my life (which just happens to be yesterday)…

8:30 AM: Dinosaur parade

9:30 AM: My Dentist Appointment (no cavities, yay!)

10:30 AM: Puzzle time

11:30 AM: Nap Procrastination time

12:30 PM: Our cat Brimley (she has a bit of a toddler phobia).

1:30 PM: Field trip time! (Home Depot)

2:30 PM: Rainy Day Traffic

3:30 PM: Grocery Store

4:30 PM: Still at the grocery store…

5:30 PM: Cuddle time while Daddy makes dinner

6 PM: Dinner time!

7 PM: Potty break

8 PM: Bedtime!

DSisk Photography Colour Medley and Splendor Action Sets | Philadelphia Children’s Photographer

I have met some incredible contacts through the online photography community, and I love being able to support other photographers in their work! Yesterday I got to test out a brand new Action Set by DSisk Photography…it’s so brand new it hasn’t even hit her store yet! I really loved playing with these two sets, Colour Medley and Splendor. The Colour Medley set has some really fun effects, including a whole set of “light leaks” that give your photos an awesome sunflare or old school film effect. And her Splendor set is nice, clean, and classic, with some awesome matte effects to finish off your photo. Take a look at my edits on the same shot, below.

Original Photo

Colour Medley
Colour Medley.jpg

Light Leaks
Light Leaks.jpg


Thanks for letting me try out your new work Dee! I love them!!

Happy Valentine’s Day! | Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer

Thought some strawberries and bubbly would be appropriate for today. πŸ˜‰ Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!