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Chestnut Hill Maternity Photographer | Allie

Congratulations to my dear friend Allie, who gave birth to her second child (Baby Jonah) yesterday morning! Isn’t she absolutely stunning?

How to Choose a Family Photographer | Chestnut Hill Family Photographer

Here are three simple tips in what I personally look for when choosing a photographer for our OWN family photos each year (yes, even photographers need to hire other photographers sometimes!).  When looking at a photographer’s website, please check out these three things to help ensure that your photo session will turn out as fabulous as you deserve!

1. Check the skin tones

No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for their child to look like an alien (unless, you know, you DO actually want that!).  A skilled photographer will pay attention to things like the time of day (did you know that the light actually gives off different color casts depending on the time of day?), color casts from clothes and surroundings (lots of green leaves and grass can often lead to green skin tones), and their own camera settings to ensure that your skin actually looks true to life in your finished photos.  Which photo would you rather put on your holiday card this year (see below)?

2. Is DAD having any fun?

All too often it’s the DADS (not the kids) who are the most resistant to having their photos taken.  When looking at a photographer’s work, pay close attention to the dads in the photos.  Are they smiling genuine smiles, or do they look stiff and mildly annoyed?  There’s nothing worse than carefully planning adorable outfits, getting (and keeping) the kids cleaned up, and then getting your photos back of a grumpy, uncomfortable dad.  (Even worse, I recently saw some family photos where dad was on his PHONE the entire time, he was so bored!)  I’m telling you, a happy dad equals a happy family photo session, which will lead to wonderfully natural smiles and laughs in every photo.

3. Read reviews from former clients

A great photographer has clients who like to brag about them.  Many (myself included) will even share client feedback directly on their site so you can learn more about the experience before you book your session.  Do the reviews make the photographer sound fun, confident, relaxed, and professional?  Here are a few snippets from my own awesome clients, shared here.

you were able to capture what I love most about each of my children (and my husband and I too!)”

“the most stress-free family photo experience yet!

all we had were smiles and laughter

My kids have asked when they will see Miss Lucy again so they can get their pictures taken. I can’t wait either!”

C & P Family | Chestnut Hill Family Photographer

I recently met this sweet family at church, and their daughter just might have been the most cooperative toddler I have ever photographed! 🙂 LOVED their bright wardrobe choices (and they were super brave to rock no jackets in the chilly March weather we had!), and we had a blast running around Chestnut Hill for their recent session.