#012: Sex & Faith in Midlife – Reverend Dr. Beverly Dale

It’s not often that you hear of faith-based sex positivity being discussed by a well respected Reverend. Today, our special guest is Reverend Dr. Beverly Dale, aka Dale, who is the founder of The Incarnation Institute of Sex & Faith, joins us to discuss sexual healing, sex positivity, and faith! In this liberating conversation, she peels away the barriers that many of us put up from a sex negative upbringing and shares scripture-based references highlighting how many churches could shift how they’re educating about sex.

Meet The Reverend Dr. Beverly Dale (1:54)

Her Personal Story as Sexually Repressed & Ignorant (5:18)

Where is Sex Negativity in the Gospels? Nowhere (10:17)

Radical Rules Around Love (15:47)
What is the most loving thing for me?
What is the most loving thing for my partner?

Getting Off vs. Get It On (16:25)

Controlling Pleasure & Women in the Church (20:10)

Referencing Jesus in the Text (25:06)

How Sex Negativity Impact Relationships with God (27:14)

Types of Churches (34:36)
Institutional Church
Bureaucratic Church
The Church that says they’re the church
The people inside an organization that knows god’s love

Showing Interest in Learning vs. Deconstructing the Church (38:40)

The Name Change (42:14)

Midlife Plot Twits (47:45)

Advice to Younger Self (50:58)

Sex is Good Series
Sex Positive Books
Sample Programs

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