Season 2 Episode 9: Midlife Investments with Jhanel Wilson

Investing in real estate can feel intimidating, yet the opportunities are valuable once you grasp how they work. Real estate investor, Jhanel Wilson joins us to share how she has built her $12 million real estate empire over the last 19 years. Listen in as she shares how she got started with her first investment, what new investors need to know, and how to build a team that supports your investment opportunities.

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Review the Show Notes:

Meet Jhanel (:51)

Common Misconceptions about Real Estate Investing (4:05)

Cash Flow in Real Estate Investing + Other Factors (6:57)

Improvements on a Budget (8:23)

Real Estate is Controlled by the Seller not the Market (10:18)

Finding the Right Realtor (11:51)

Getting Started in Investing in Real Estate (12:40)

No Money Strategies Exist (13:40)

Time to Retire (16:18)

The Journey to Retire (17:29)

Coaching & Instagram (18:14)

The Challenge in Construction & Advice for Managing Contractors (20:21)

Section 8 Housing (23:34)

Maintenance Team (25:38)

BRRRR Strategy (26:18)

Getting Approved for Fixer Uppers (27:20)

The Hardest Part: Construction & Finding a Crew (29:06)

Who Is Real Estate Investing For? (31:39)

Advice to Younger Self (36:41)

Connect with Jhanel

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