Season 2 Episode 8: Midlife According to the Cards with Jenna Matlin

Have you had tarot cards pulled for you before? In today’s episode, Jenna Matlin joins us to talk about her experience as an intuitive reader, along with the history of tarot. Listen in as she explains the dynamics between tarot and psychology, why people typically turn to tarot for the first time, and what impacts tarot can have on you in mid-life!

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Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Jenna (1:06)

Intuitive vs Psychic & the Stereotypes (2:15)

Lucy & Jenna’s Introduction (4:06)

Jenna’s Talent of Connection & Tarot as a Whole Brain Activity (8:54)

The Psychology of Tarot (13:51)

Themes in When & Why People Turn to Tarot (18:47)

Patriarchal Language (24:30)

The International Line of “Crochetiness” (25:20)

Failure to Launch (29:35)

Feminism & the Workplace (33:11)

Rejecting Traditions in Midlife (37:45)

Choices in Women’s Lives (42:17)

Course Changes (45:18)

Tarot Card Expectations from Pop Culture (49:25)

History of Tarot (50:14)

Patterns in Tarot (53:46)

Reading Tarot (55:00)

Kitchen Sink Readings (1:05:41)

Mentioned in this Episode:

Book: Will You Give Me a Reading?

Connect with Jenna

IG: @jennamatlin

TT: @jennamatlin


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