Season 2 Episode 3: Midlife Body Relationships with Latoya Dixon Smith

Our desires shift as our bodies change, which can cause problems with partners if we aren’t sure how to communicate with them. Latoya Dixon Smith of Greenville Boudoir joins us to share about her work not only as a boudoir photographer, but a sex doula. Listen in as Latoya explains what her role is as a sex doula and how she helps her clients, along with the approaches she takes and tools she uses in her practice!

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Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Latoya (2:29)

What is a Sex Doula (6:25)

How Clients Are Exposed to Sex Doulas & Work With Them (8:15)

Tools Used as a Sex Doula (28:21)

Card Deck as a Boudoir Photographer and Sex Doula (31:02)

How Her Family Received Her Work (36:04)

Advice to Younger Self (51:27)

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Connect with Latoya:


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