Season 2 Episode 15: Moving On in Midlife with Elaina Wright

In every season of life, we’re face with letting go and moving on from certain things. In today’s final episode of Midlife Plot Twists, we’re talking about exactly that. My dear friend Elaina Wright joins me to discuss the major midlife plot twists that have happened over the last few years, how they’ve impacted our lives and what it has looked like to move on from them.

I’ve enjoyed the beautiful and magical conversations that have come from this podcast over the last three years and have been honored that you’ve tuned in. Thank you for all of your support of this podcast as I’ve explored midlife!

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Review the Show Notes:

Special Announcement (3:42)

Meeting Eliana (4:46)

Switching the Role (9:15)

Why a Podcast? (9:47)

Trying New Things (19:01)

Important Learnings & Experiences from the Podcast (23:13)

Being Open-Minded to Learning (30:25)

Our Midlife Plot Twists (35:25)

Knowing Your Options & Doing What Works for You (54:40)

No Caring What Others Think (1:07:10)

Advice to Younger Self (1:08:30)

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