Season 2 Episode 14: Feeling Complete in Midlife with Raquita Henderson

By the time we reach midlife, many of us are aware of what we want for ourselves and those around us. Fellow photographer, Raquita Henderson lives a life that allows her to feel complete. Through this process, she’s gone through her own personal growth journey that has allowed her to be a woman she (and the people around her) can be proud of.

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Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Raquita (1:00)

Coming to terms with Middle Age (2:03)

Feeling the Human Experience (13:49)

White Supremacy and Religion (15:54)

Dismantling Prejudice (18:30)

Environment & Life (21:47)

Post-Pandemic Photography Business (27:41)

Accepting Your Children Growing Up (30:55)

Pandemic, Leadership, and Politics (40:13)

Anxiety (43:45)

Working through Burnout (46:21)

AI in Business (51:46)

Our World in Midlife – Generational Growth (54:45)

The Shift in the Photography Industry (58:39)

Advice to Younger Self (1:06:05)

Connect with Raquita:

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