Season 2 Episode 10: Midlife Fertility with Sharon Fisher

Have you waited to have children? Maybe you’re just curious about your hormones in midlife! Today’s guest, Sharon Fisher joins me to discuss midlife fertility, motherhood, and hormones in today’s episode! Listen in as we discuss how our bodies change, what to expect with menopause and perimenopause, and resources for treatment!

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Review the Show Notes:

Meet Sharon (1:32)

Midlife Motherhood (2:50)

Lucy’s Conspiracy Theory (7:33)

Research on Midlife Fertility & Motherhood & Women’s Experiences (8:33)

Infertility & Insurance Pressure (11:14)

Research Based Numbers – 40 years old for women (13:08)

Insurance Codes & Absolute Risk vs. Relative Risk (14:15)

Self-Advocacy in Healthcare (16:22)

What You Should Know About Midlife Fertility (23:05)

Types, Phases, & Symptoms of Menopause – Including Perimenopause (23:46)

Tips for Managing Perimenopause (36:07)

Take Action (39:44)

Who to Go to for Hormone Replacement Therapy (43:50)

Suzanne Summers’ Impact on Our Knowledge (45:23)

Advice to Younger Self (50:23)

Connect with Sharon

Beyond the Egg Timer


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