Rejean (#21)

father and daughter laugh together at home Northern Liberties Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography“Growing up in Philadelphia was way better when I was coming up, because simple things such as manners, respect, and helping each other were still instilled in children. It helped us form a real community. Nowadays people have no respect for each other, the violence is off the charts, so many families are separated and every day is just chaos. I raised my daughter with manners and respect, and I love how she is always quick to help and has a great loving personality. She loves everybody, but it’s a harsh reality trying to explain that not everyone is kind or will have her best interests in mind. Its a very cold world out here and one day she will be on her own; she’ll have to be able to make her own decisions and use her best judgment. Even though me and her mother do not get along, I cant speak negative to my daughter about her mother because it would not be right. My daughter loves both of us, and all I can do is do my part and be there everyday in her life and raise her the best way possible. I have no doubt she will grow up to be somebody great because of how she carries herself and because of her great spirit.”

dad and two toddler sons sit together on couch at home Germantown Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer
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