#011: Redefining Relationships in Midlife – Paige Wolf

The role that certain relationships play in our lives is ever-changing, but what about how we view relationships in general? In today’s episode, Paige Wolf joins us to share about how being a polyamorous woman has impacted her life and relationships. Paige, a wife and mother, has chosen to live an open life of acceptance! Listen in as she educates us on polyamory, deciding what relationships are right for you, and what it’s been like to explore dating and a polyamorous lifestyle during midlife.

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Meet Paige Wolfe (1:31)

Living Life as a Polyamorous Person (2:20)

How Paige Define Polyamory (3:28)

Ethically Non-Monogamy: Communication (10:17)

Who Can Be Polyamorous? (14:52)

Choosing to Be Polyamorous (16:14)

Telling Your Kids that You’re Polyamorous (21:03)

Metamour – The Partner of My Partner (27:48)

Realizing When Relationships aren’t the Right Fit (30:31)

Dating in Midlife (31:58)

Best Dating Apps for Polyamorous People (35:49)
OKCupid, Tinder

Crazy Dating Stories (37:35)

Responses from Friends & Family (46:05)

The Biggest Surprise through the Process (52:30)

Advice to Younger Self (53:30)


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