Episode #007: Preparing for End of Life in Midlife – Rachel Moore

end of life

We talk about major life changes and plot twists that happen in midlife on this podcast, but today we’re tackling the tough conversation of preparing for end of life.

At just 39-years-old (just 2 years ago), Rachel Moore was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. Listen in as she joins us to discuss how this plot twist has impacted her everyday life, her husband, her three beautiful children, and even her parents.

Get to Know Rachel (1:16)

Rachel’s Overall Health Before Diagnosis (6:28)

The Diagnosis (7:15)

Telling the Kids (16:34)

Life After this Plot Twist (20:38)

Enjoying Simple Moments (23:55)

Fulfilling a Bucket List (29:25)

Protecting Others in Your Life (34:33)

Stupid Things People Say (39:53)

What’s Surprised Rachel the Most (45:16)

Leaving an Impact on Her Children (48:58)

Preparing Her Parents (54:00)

Finding Community (57:08)

Connecting During COVID (1:00:21)

Encouragement to Others (1:05:27)

Giving Back (1:09:26)

Advice for Younger Self (1:11:58)

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