Philadephia Family Photographer | Letters to Our Children March 2014

Dear Theo,
The past few months have been hard for you. Developmentally, it seems like age 3.5 is just very overwhelming. Add to the fact that you have a new younger brother who requires so much of my attention, and it makes perfect sense that the last few months have been trying for both of us. To help us reconnect, I took you on a special “Mommy and Theo date” after dinner one night. You had such a good time running around the playground after it started to get dark. And I loved watching your ninja moves and being able to pretend that you were keeping me safe from “bad guys and monsters”. I really hope to make more time for these special dates with just you and me. It felt so good to reconnect with you and focus all of my attention on just you for a change. And I could tell you really appreciated it too. Even though we’re going through a bit of a rough patch, I hope you know that I always always love you my sweet boy. I know we’ll get through this defiant phase. And you will surely come out of it with more independence, confidence, and problem-solving skills, which of course I want for you. <3


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  1. What a sweet story about Theo, paired with beautiful images. He’s doing great at being a big brother 🙂

  2. Dad and I will gladly come on a Saturday/Sunday to watch Chance while you and Tyler have a ‘play date’ with Theo <3 Love your letters <3

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