Philadelphia Children’s Photographer | Letters to Our Children April 2014

Dear sweet boys,
This month we celebrated my birthday, and my only wish was to go somewhere inspiring to watch you (Theo) run around while I took some nice pictures. Thanks to some hard work of wrangling by your dad, this wish came true. We had a wonderful day at Longwood Gardens filled with flowers, fun, and photos, and then we ended it with a little trip to Fishtown for some pizza and vegan ice cream. 🙂 It was a wonderful mid-week treat, and I was so thankful for the two of you for cooperating.





Chance, as your little body continues to grow, you are becoming more and more laid back about life in general. You are a happy, social little guy who is often wonderfully content to stay close to your mama while she happily snaps away with the camera. Your teething journey continued this month, as depicted here by you sucking on this elephant lovey that we keep trying to force on you. You are a smiley, slobbery mess, and I am earnestly attached to you right now.


And Theo, I feel like you have gotten even faster in the past few weeks, although I had no idea this was even possible! When you run these days, you really put your heart into it…which leads to a fair amount of photos of your back, haha! But I am proud of how strong you are growing up to be. I hope you continue to challenge and use your body in new and exciting ways. Your hopelessly bookish and sedentary mama would love to watch you develop an interest in sports down the road…not for the competitive aspect, but for the sake of recognizing just how amazing and strong your body really can be!



And finally, a word about your ever-growing devotion to each other. I melt every single time I spy you, Chance watching your big brother cross the room and then your face lights up as Theo draws nearer. And Theo, you are such a loving, doting big brother…always picking up the toys he drops without being asked, and constantly taking a break from your superhero games to come give your baby brother a hug. I know the two of you are going to bicker eventually, and that’s okay. But I really hope that underneath it all, the two of you are able to maintain this loyalty to each other. It really is the most beautiful thing, and it makes your mama very very proud.


Mommy <3

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