Naim (#12)

sleeping father holds sleeping newborn daughter at home Narberth PA Lucy Baber Photography

“Being a quality, present, active father is priority over everything. It is important that my daughter sees me as a supportive loving Black man, so she understands that this is the rule NOT the exception. …I hope that people will begin to realize that the images and social portrayals of Black men and Black fathers do not wholly encompass what we actually are. That there are Black fathers who are present and supportive and active. We are not just statistics, or ‘angry animals’ in need of incarceration or death. That our presence is needed and valuable to the growth and development of our kids, that we can not and should not be so easily dismissed. I want to inspire Black men to want to be present in the lives of their kids, to make being an ACTIVE dad cool. I mean it is pretty cool…it’s challenging, but the rewards are invaluable.”

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography
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Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography

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