#010: Midlife Reinvention – Paige Lewis

Over the course of our lives, we’ve been molded into the people we are today. What happens when the things that have defined us for so long leave our lives?

In today’s episode, Paige Lewis joins us to discuss what it means to reinvent yourself, a challenge she’s faced a few times in her life. From leaving a religious cult as a teen to changing professions in midlife due to health concerns, Paige’s resilience has given her the bravery she needs to make it through. Listen in as she describes this journey and shares how art has improved her mental health and created a new career for her.

Meet Paige (1:15)

Divorcing Your Partner/Business Partner (3:43)

Career Change Due to Health Reasons Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (6:41)

Diving into Art (17:00)

Certified Therapeutic Art Coach

Certification for Certified Therapeutic Art Coach (21:50)

Blog + Book Writing (29:11)

Raised in a Religious Cult (32:14)

Distancing Herself From the Mormon Church (34:56)

Reconnecting with Mormonism as a Young Adult (37:22)

PTSD (39:19)

BITE Cult Measurement (40:00)

Advice to Younger Self/Her Daughter (51:24)





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