Midlife Plot Twists

Approaching 40 brings major plot twists

A Podcast with Lucy Baber

In this show, we'll be chatting about all of the weird and unexpected ways that our lives seem to be changing as we inch closer to turning the big 4-0. As my friends and I start approaching 40, we all seem to have one thing in common—MAJOR PLOT TWISTS are happening all around us.

We're seeing midlife career changes and body changes, responsibilities shifting, and so much more. Whether you're starting over in something major in your life or have accomplished the goals you set for yourself, we're tackling the big questions we all have... like what now or what's next?

Join us on this journey to discussing the topic of women's issues as we approach midlife (or maybe you're already there). Hit subscribe and tune in!



#011: Redefining Relationships in Midlife – Paige Wolf

The role that certain relationships play in our lives is ever-changing, but what about how we view relationships in general? In today’s episode, Paige Wolf joins us to share about how being a polyamorous woman has impacted her life and relationships. Paige, a wife and mother, has chosen to live an open life of acceptance! Listen in as she educates us on polyamory, deciding what relationships are right for you, and what it’s been like to explore dating and a polyamorous lifestyle during midlife.

<iframe src=”https://embed.acast.com/5f6ca1c8d40cee6176c0086e/60b05321037dc200137351cf?cover=true” frameBorder=”0″ allow=”autoplay” width=”100%” height=”110″></iframe>

Meet Paige Wolfe (1:31)

Living Life as a Polyamorous Person (2:20)

How Paige Define Polyamory (3:28)

Ethically Non-Monogamy: Communication (10:17)

Who Can Be Polyamorous? (14:52)

Choosing to Be Polyamorous (16:14)

Telling Your Kids that You’re Polyamorous (21:03)

Metamour – The Partner of My Partner (27:48)

Realizing When Relationships aren’t the Right Fit (30:31)

Dating in Midlife (31:58)

Best Dating Apps for Polyamorous People (35:49)
OKCupid, Tinder

Crazy Dating Stories (37:35)

Responses from Friends & Family (46:05)

The Biggest Surprise through the Process (52:30)

Advice to Younger Self (53:30)


#010: Midlife Reinvention – Paige Lewis

Over the course of our lives, we’ve been molded into the people we are today. What happens when the things that have defined us for so long leave our lives?

In today’s episode, Paige Lewis joins us to discuss what it means to reinvent yourself, a challenge she’s faced a few times in her life. From leaving a religious cult as a teen to changing professions in midlife due to health concerns, Paige’s resilience has given her the bravery she needs to make it through. Listen in as she describes this journey and shares how art has improved her mental health and created a new career for her.

Meet Paige (1:15)

Divorcing Your Partner/Business Partner (3:43)

Career Change Due to Health Reasons Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (6:41)

Diving into Art (17:00)

Certified Therapeutic Art Coach

Certification for Certified Therapeutic Art Coach (21:50)

Blog + Book Writing (29:11)

Raised in a Religious Cult (32:14)

Distancing Herself From the Mormon Church (34:56)

Reconnecting with Mormonism as a Young Adult (37:22)

PTSD (39:19)

BITE Cult Measurement (40:00)

Advice to Younger Self/Her Daughter (51:24)





women's health

#009: Women’s Health in Midlife – Julie Cristol

As women age, we begin to face new experiences in our health for which we have not had a chance to really prepare. Examples include menopause, and the less commonly discussed, perimenopause. Thankfully, Julie Cristol so graciously agreed to join me for this special episode where we discuss the questions that most women are nervous to ask about menopause, advocacy, healthcare, and even sex!

Meet Julie (00:51)

Perimenopause (3:26)

Lucy’s Journey with Perimenopause (5:39)

The average age of a women going through menopause is 52.

Managing Perimenopause (12:36)

Advocating for Yourself (15:46)

Hormone Therapy (17:35)

Advice for Women in Mid-Late Thirties Going Through Changes (23:44)

Resources of Advocacy (28:31)

Healthcare System vs. Deconstructing Diet Culture (34:21)

Weight is not a modifiable risk factor.

Julie’s Health Journey (38:04)

Advice to Younger Self (44:58)

Health at Every Size
Lifecycle Woman Care


Episode #008: Midlife Chill – Paury Flowers

Paury Flowers joins us to share how she’s found herself pivoting her career in midlife to combine her passion for health and wellness, cannabis, and emergent strategy. Listen in as she discusses the cannabis industry, the war on drugs, and legislation on cannabis.

Get to Know Paury (1:28)

Creative Consulting (18:09)

What Paury’s Excited By (22:55)

The War on Drugs (28:08)

Regulation and Legislation on Cannabis in New Jersey (31:19)

Advice to Younger Self (53:18)

Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Marie Brown

end of life

Episode #007: Preparing for End of Life in Midlife – Rachel Moore

We talk about major life changes and plot twists that happen in midlife on this podcast, but today we’re tackling the tough conversation of preparing for end of life.

At just 39-years-old (just 2 years ago), Rachel Moore was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. Listen in as she joins us to discuss how this plot twist has impacted her everyday life, her husband, her three beautiful children, and even her parents.

Get to Know Rachel (1:16)

Rachel’s Overall Health Before Diagnosis (6:28)

The Diagnosis (7:15)

Telling the Kids (16:34)

Life After this Plot Twist (20:38)

Enjoying Simple Moments (23:55)

Fulfilling a Bucket List (29:25)

Protecting Others in Your Life (34:33)

Stupid Things People Say (39:53)

What’s Surprised Rachel the Most (45:16)

Leaving an Impact on Her Children (48:58)

Preparing Her Parents (54:00)

Finding Community (57:08)

Connecting During COVID (1:00:21)

Encouragement to Others (1:05:27)

Giving Back (1:09:26)

Advice for Younger Self (1:11:58)

Shits & Giggles in KChttps://shitsandgigglesinkc.com/

harriett's bookshop

Episode #006: Midlife Intuition – Jeannine Cook

Do you ever feel a desire to do something that’s so outside of your comfort zone, with no real understanding as to why? Jeannine Cook calls that intuition.

In episode 6 of Midlife Plot Twists, Jeannine shares about her journey to opening Harriett’s Bookshop a few weeks before COVID happened, along with the good, the bad, and the ugly that came with it. Listen in as she shares about some of her favorite reads, how this shop has impacted her life, and where her intuition is calling her to next.

Get to Know Jeannine (1:26)

Notoriety at Harriet’s Bookshop (4:40)

Opportunities During Dark Times (6:21)

Running the Bookstore During COVID (10:32)

PlotTwists with Puppies (16:54)

Bookshop – The Good (19:31)

Bookshop – The Bad (20:13)

The Sisterhood Sit-In (27:13)

Currently Reading: (41:07)
Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward
Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward

Looking Forward To: (41:53)
Ida B the Queen

Book on Her Heart: Another by Christian Robinson (47:58)

Advice to Her Younger Self: You can be loved for being you. You don’t have to hurt to get love. You don’t have to sacrifice for love. (49:36)

Harriett’s Bookshop
My General Tubman
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

black excellence

Episode #005: Black Excellence in Midlife – Dr. Tomayia Colvin

My dear friend, photographer, and educator, Dr. Tomayia Colvin, recently joined me for a candid conversation about life after 40. In this episode, we talk about the impactful community she’s built for black photographers, what dating looks like in her 40’s, and the advice she’d share with her younger self.

Tomayia, I’m so proud to call you friend.

About Tomayia (1:43)

The Photo Cookout (4:02)

Creating Bridges of Opportunity for Black Photographers (7:16)

Making Long-Term Impact on Diversity in the Photography Industry (11:25)

Anti-Racism Course for Photographers  (15:49)

Re-entering the Dating World Midlife (22:28)

Approaching Midlife (30:36)

Advice to Her Younger Self (31:53)

Facebook Community: facebook.com/groups/tomayiacolvineducation
Tomayia’s Anti-Racism Course

Episode #004: Midlife Authenticity – Charlie Baber

I recently had the chance to sit down with my dear brother-in-law, Charlie Baber to discuss what being his authentic self looked like as he approached 40. Authenticity is a word we toss around on social media, but what if we dug a little deeper into it’s true meaning.

In being his authentic self, after 38 years of life, Charlie realized that he was gay.

In today’s episode, Charlie describes what it felt like to come out to his wife, his kids, his church, and most importantly, himself. Listen in as he shares how he’s finally living his life authentically and true to being who God purposefully created him to be.

Get to Know Charlie (1:22)

Coming Out as Bi-Sexual to His Wife (13:42)

Charlie’s Coming Out Day (16:28)

Coming Out to Family & Friends (17:15)

Coming Out to the Church (20:48)

Being Gay at 40 (27:21)

Grief: The Loss of a Marriage (31:18)

The Impact of Living His Truth (34:19)

Charlie’s Growth in Faith (38:35)

Resources for Gay Christians (41:30)
Shameless by Nadia Bolts Webber
Beyond Shame by Mathias Roberts

What Charlie Would Tell His Younger Self (50:32)

What’s Next for Charlie (51:13)

The Future of The United Methodist Church (54:14)


midlife recovery

Episode #003: Midlife Recovery – My Neighbor Anne

Recovery can be a tough road to go down, but I’m thankful it’s an option. Today my dear friend and neighbor, Anne, is joining me for a truly eye-opening conversation around her struggle with alcoholism. In this conversation, we’re tackling here long-time battle with alcohol, what detox and rehab looked like during COVID, and the importance of diving into therapy.


Introducing Anne (:50)

Anne’s Relationship with Alcohol (3:14)

Going to Rehab (5:29)

The Rehab Experience (9:08)

Rehab During COVID (12:48)

Rehab Staff (14:21)

How Alcohol Effected Anne’s Health (15:26)

Deciphering Depression vs Alcoholism (21:35)

Anne’s Day to Day (22:55)

What Life Looks Like at 42 (25:16)

Life After Rehab (26:44)

Support Networks (30:07)

Midlife Stories (31:22)

Anne’s Long Term Treatment (37:23)

What Anne Would Tell Her Younger Self (40:31)

What Anne Would Tell Herself Back in March (42:50)

The Importance of Timing (43:14)

Midlife Plot Twist podcast Mari-Carmen Farmer

Episode #002: Midlife Career Moves – Mari-Carmen Farmer

Changing careers can be daunting, but what about making career moves in your 30’s or 40’s? My dear friend, Mari-Carmen Farmer, joins me to share all about how her life experiences led her to making a midlife career move to become a midwife. Listen in as Mari shares about her experience with loss, the comfort she’s found in the symbolism of labyrinth, and how becoming an empty nester left her feeling motivated and accomplished.

Episode #001: Finding Yourself in Midlife – Renee Shea

As we approach midlife, many of us are finding ourselves again—particularly when we run into a midlife plot twist. I’ve watched my amazing friend, Renee Shea, conquer her own midlife plot twist with strength and grace. Listen in as we discuss how she managed unexpected plot twists in her business and personal life.

About Renee (1:06)

Renee’s Photography Transformation (5:25)

Accepting and Creating Her Brand (9:10)

Renee’s Midlife Plot Twists (13:35)

Takeaways & Learning from MidLife Plot Twists (18:52)

Femininity vs. Masculinity (18:51)

Advice to My Younger Self: You are enough. (27:11)

Age vs. Maturity vs. Life Experience (28:18)

Social Justice and your Business (31:36)

Mentioned in this Episode:




Trailer: Midlife Plot Twists Coming on October 1st

Welcome to Midlife Plot Twists with Lucy Baber! In this show, we’ll be chatting about all of the weird and unexpected ways that our lives seem to be changing as we inch closer to turning the big 4-0. As my friends and I start approaching 40, we all seem to have one thing in common—MAJOR PLOT TWISTS are happening all around us.

We’re seeing midlife career changes and body changes, responsibilities shifting, and so much more. Whether you’re starting over in something major in your life or have accomplished the goals you set for yourself, we’re tackling the big questions we all have… like what now or what’s next?

Join us on this journey to discussing the topic of women’s issues as we approach midlife (or maybe you’re already there). Hit subscribe and tune in on October 1st!