Midlife Plot Twists Podcast Update

Ever feel like you’re the only person in the world going through the midlife plot twist that the universe decided to throw your way? I’m here to tell you those things you’re going through – they happen to a lot of other people, and I want to help make sure you don’t feel alone going through them. We’re already on Episode 12 of the Midlife Plot Twist podcast and we’ve been having a blast getting to talk with SO many incredible people about their own plot twists. See what’s been going on lately! 

Episode 12: Sex and Faith in Midlife with Reverend Dr. Beverly Dale
In this liberating conversation, our guest peels away the barriers that many of us put up from a sex negative upbringing and shares scripture-based references highlighting how many churches could shift how they’re educating about sex.

Episode 11: Redefining Relationships in Midlife with Paige Wolf
Our guest Paige talks about what it’s been like exploring a polyamorous lifestyle during midlife. She opens up about the realities of dating, deciding what relationships are the right ones for you and so much more! 

Episode 10: Midlife Reinvention with Paige Lewis
Learn what it’s like to completely reinvent yourself – more than once! Paige shares about some of the big changes she’s had to make in her life including leaving a religious cult and changing professions – and what that bravery has really taught her. 

Episode 9: Women’s Health in Midlife with Julie Cristol
No shame here! Women’s health changes dramatically in midlife – and we have almost NO time to prepare for it (or anyone who wants to talk about it). Well, thank goodness for Julie! She jumped on the podcast to talk about menopause, perimenopause, advocacy, and so much more related to our health as women. 

Episode 8: Midlife Chill with Paury Flowers 
Paury pivoted her career to be a better fit for her and her passions for health and wellness. In this episode, she talks about the cannabis industry, the war on drugs, and legislation on cannabis. She is an amazing reminder that it’s never too late to do what you love. 

Episode 7: Preparing for the End of Life in Midlife with Rachel Moore
I love that my guests aren’t afraid to talk about the dark and scary moments of life. Rachel was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. In her interview, we talk about how this plot twist has changed everything for her and her family.

As you can see, we tackle a wide range of subjects on Midlife Plot Twists! I am so excited for you to tune in and listen to all of the incredible guests and their lives. There’s definitely something for everyone and I hope you enjoy what you hear!

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