Season 2 Episode 13: Midlife Plot Twists in the Movies, Pt. 2 with Scott Zielinski

Did you love our conversation last year about midlife plot twists in the movies? We’re back with part 2, where we’re diving into the final 5 movies that feature a midlife plot twist! Scott Zielinski joins me again to share his knowledge on all things horror and discuss some of his favorite plot twists with me!

Spoiler alert… we do share a few spoilers throughout this episode!

Listen to part 1 of this conversation here.

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Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Scott (1:26)

Recap of Part 1 (2:11)

The Fly – 1986 (5:28)

Suspiria – Remake 2018 (14:39)

The Hunger (30:57)

Crimes of the Future (42:14)

They Live (1:00:56)

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