Season 2 Episode 1: Midlife Mindset

Season two of Midlife Plot Twists is here! If you wondered where I’ve been, what’s been happening since our last episode aired, and what’s coming, this episode was made for you. This is my first episode since turning forty, so I’m getting a little personal about life, my business, and this podcast—along with the mindset shifts that have happened for me over the last few years!

About Me & My Career (:58)

The Next Phase of My Career (2:25)

Get Unstuck Mindset Coaching

The Professional Mental Health Community (7:00)

My Midlife Plot Twists (8:11)

  • Managing Business & Podcasting During a Pandemic
  • Marriage Separation
  • Loss of My Dad

Powering Through with Intention (9:30)

What is Mindset Coaching (10:05)

My Priorities (10:37)

Connection & Community

Mindset Coaching vs. Therapy (13:04)

Who’s the Right Fit? (19:39)

Photography (24:24)

The Podcast (25:11)

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