Season 2 Episode 5: Midlife Financial Planning with Ashley Adams-Duncan

Have you financially prepared your loved ones for when you’re gone? It’s not something we like to think about or even consider until later in life. The truth is, it’s never to early to get life insurance! In today’s episode, Ashley Adams joins us to share about how her mother’s passing impacted her family, both emotionally and financially. The experience she had through her mother’s death led to a major career change in which she now advocates for life insurance as an agent. Listen in as Ashley shares why it’s important to obtain life insurance, the different types and policies that are available, and what she’d tell her younger self.

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Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Ashley (1:08)

Major Life Events that Happened to Ashley (2:24)

Joining the Insurance Business (13:01)

Losing a Parent (26:20)

Types of Life Insurance (29:05)

Income in Retirement (36:38)

Phases of Life (45:20)

Advice to Younger Self (51:15)

Connect with Ashley:

Ashley A Adams Agent with NY Life FB Page

Email: [email protected]

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