Season 2 Episode 4: Midlife Diagnosis with Emily Zilber

Getting diagnosed with ADHD brings a lot of clarification and answers to a long-time struggle, but that diagnosiss doesn’t come lightly. In today’s episode, Emily Zilber joins us to share what it looked like to get diagnosed with ADHD in her 30’s. Through finding a community to getting access to resources, listen in as she shares her story.

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Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Emily (1:33)

Multi-passionate with ADHD (5:38)

Individual Brain vs Societal Expectations (10:54)

“Optimally Functional” (13:33)

Living with ADHD (15:03)

Resources & Asking for Help (25:51)

Desire (32:47)

Resources (39:19)

Community (53:01)

Encouragement (55:11)

Mentioned in this Episode:

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Connect with Emily:


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