Season 2 Episode 11: Midlife Soul Work for Dating with Tracy Ready

Are you putting yourself out there in the dating realm? Whether it feels like you’re finding success or you’re struggling through bad dates, Tracy Ready believes the first step is through soul work. In today’s episode, Tracy joins us to share about her program, The Soul Detox, and how you build a healthy relationship with dating (or with a partner) through that soul work.

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Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Tracy (1:14)

Relationship with Self & Soul (4:27)

Tracy’s Program: The Soul Detox (10:58)

Who Tracy Works With (18:20)

Community (21:36)

Finding Success in the Program (28:09)

Deeper Relationships through Self and Soul (34:38)

What the Dating Experiment Looks Like (40:06)

Going Deep (45:36)

How to Lose Control of the Process (48:27)

Tracy’s Experience with the Dating Experiment (53:56)

Dating for Fun (58:12)

Advice to Younger Self (1:07:34)

Connect with Tracy


Soul Detox Program:

Self Study:

Personal Matchmaking;


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