#013: Midlife Creativity – Rachel Mayer


Have you held yourself back from exploring your creativity to its fullest? Rachel Mayer, a Philadelphia based piano teacher, realized as she was approaching midlife that she’s never really taken chances or stepped outside of her comfort zone when she came to creativity—despite having an identity in creative arts.

Listen in as she shares how she decided to redirect the story she’d been telling herself her whole life. Rachel explains how she found a way to step out of her comfort zone, explore more creative avenues, and build confidence to write and produce her own music.

Get to Know Rachel (1:32)

Rachel’s Plot Twist (2:42)

About Rachel’s Music (19:38)

ASMR (30:55)

Isolated Vocals in Music (34:25)

Lucy’s Three Recommendations (37:00)
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Women & Other Monsters: Building a New Mythology
Cover Song of You’re Still the One by Okay Kaya

Building Confidence (40:15)

Advice to Younger Self: Stay Awkward. (54:40)

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