Season 2 Episode 12: Midlife Caretaker with Arianna Neromiliotis

As we get older, so do our parents, which sometimes means that we become their caretakers. Arianna Neromiliotis knows the intricacies of being a caretaker in midlife very well, as she ultimately had the opportunity to be an advocate and caretaker for her mother for the last few years of her life. Arianna’s mother, Aurora, began showing signs of Dementia beginning in 2017, but in 2019, she ultimately needed full-time care. Listen in as Arianna shares how she approached her mother’s diagnosis, became her caretaker, and made the decisions that would give her mom the fullest life.

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Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Arianna (1:36)

Aurora Neromiliotis (Arianna’s Mom) (3:52)

The Process of Caretaking Elders (Rehab and Care Facilities) (17:41)

The Cost of Caring for Parents & Income-Based Placement (20:21)

How Medicaid Works (21:47)

Building Resources for Caretakers (23:19)

Noticing Signs of Dementia and Alzheimers (24:55)

Taking Care of Yourself When You’re a Caretaker (31:24)

Grief Counseling (37:55)

Cost of Grief Counseling (40:11)

Processing Grief and Death (40:54)

Identity in Grieving (43:46)

Advice to Younger Self (49:02)

Conversations & Communities (55:07)

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