Episode #004: Midlife Authenticity – Charlie Baber

I recently had the chance to sit down with my dear brother-in-law, Charlie Baber to discuss what being his authentic self looked like as he approached 40. Authenticity is a word we toss around on social media, but what if we dug a little deeper into it’s true meaning.

In being his authentic self, after 38 years of life, Charlie realized that he was gay.

In today’s episode, Charlie describes what it felt like to come out to his wife, his kids, his church, and most importantly, himself. Listen in as he shares how he’s finally living his life authentically and true to being who God purposefully created him to be.

Get to Know Charlie (1:22)

Coming Out as Bi-Sexual to His Wife (13:42)

Charlie’s Coming Out Day (16:28)

Coming Out to Family & Friends (17:15)

Coming Out to the Church (20:48)

Being Gay at 40 (27:21)

Grief: The Loss of a Marriage (31:18)

The Impact of Living His Truth (34:19)

Charlie’s Growth in Faith (38:35)

Resources for Gay Christians (41:30)
Shameless by Nadia Bolts Webber
Beyond Shame by Mathias Roberts

What Charlie Would Tell His Younger Self (50:32)

What’s Next for Charlie (51:13)

The Future of The United Methodist Church (54:14)


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