Letters to Our Sons, May 2013 | Philadelphia Children’s Photographer

Dear Theo,
Another month has passed and no matter how hard I try to make the time slow down, it just won’t! Your body and mind (and hair!) just keep on growing and I am amazed every single day at what a bright, fun, and happy little boy you are becoming.


You’ve become much more of a homebody this past month, as we’re no longer bound to any particular schedules to get us out of the house during the work week. It’s just the two of us and our daily whims that keep us going while daddy is at work, and you seem absolutely content to stay inside and play with your toys all day long (no matter how much I try to coax you to help me run errands or even go to the playground!). You LOVE your superheroes, cars, and toy animals, and when you’re not crashing your monster trucks into elaborately constructed block towers, then you are undoubtedly assigning me to help you on a Secret Mission to rescue a trapped baby animal under a pile of pillows. You’ve gotten really good at puzzles lately too, and no matter how full our bookshelves become, you still love diving into all the new books at the library.


This evening after a walk with your daddy, you came home and told me that you brought home a new friend, an imaginary puma that you named Penguin. Your imagination continues to astound me, and I love hearing all of the intricate stories you concoct! I can’t believe that you will be THREE the next time I write this monthly letter.  The time has gone by so very fast. <3


Love you so much,

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  1. BEAUTIFUL images! Love the things little boys come up with and you have written so sweetly about them. Love it!

  2. Theo always reminds me of my Mason whenever I read your letters. I love the adventures I get to join in on these days (just came back from saving the eggs at the top of the mountain!!) he he.

  3. Oh, Lucy! His smile is amazing! I love the one with the hand and car in front of his face, ready to tickle!! And I LOOOOVE tub shots- the one of his eyes peeking over the top… Perfect! Love watching Theo grow!

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