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Dear Theo,
This past month I have been amazed by your growing mind. I feel like you not only look older all of a sudden, but you are also acting older! There have been so many moments in the past few weeks where your dad and I look at each other in disbelief and say “When did he become such a little boy instead of a toddler???”

At this age, you are always singing, dancing, and constantly cracking us up! I knew from a very young age that you had a fantastic sense of humor, and you always continue to deliver one hilarious punchline after another these days. Just the other day, while changing your diaper, I noticed you had grown very quiet. I asked, “What are you thinking about right now Theo?” And you replied (completely out of nowhere), “I’m just thinking about going to the hippo store so we can buy a hippo. I want to name my hippo Hippo-y”.


Oh, and also, I think this one pretty much speaks for itself (Mr. Potato Head mustache held up by your pacifier, inspired by your matching mustache shirt…where do you come up with this stuff???).

As much as you completely wear me out most days, I really treasure these long, luxurious days that I get to spend at home with you. I love going to the playground and watching you run around and meet new friends, I love hearing all of the wonderful plotlines you create in your imagination about us running away from monsters, pretending we’re mommy kangaroos carrying our babies in our pouches, or knocking on every tree we pass to ask if there are “Any goblins in there?”

And mostly, I love doing just about anything under the sun to make you smile. Even (or especially) when it involves you randomly directing me to shout “Olives!” so you can shout “Meatballs!” in response as we drive home from the grocery store together. (Seriously, where does this kid come up with this stuff?!?!?!)


Love always,

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  1. Isn’t it amazing what they come up with? If only we could hold on to a bit more of that imagination as we grow older (and not have people look at us crazy!) It’s my favourite part of this age 🙂

  2. “Olives!!” What a great set of images and lovely words that accompany them! Theo is a doll and it sounds like you two have a ton of fun together:)

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