Philadelphia Family Photographer | Letters to Our Children June 2014

Dear Theo,
This month you turned 4 years old. As cliche as it might sound, it’s as if I blinked and the past four years have just completely flown by. You are growing into such a sweet-hearted, empathetic, bright little boy. You are clever, you have a fabulous imagination, and you are especially gifted with spatial reasoning (things like puzzles and building new inventions with your Legos). Sometimes I realize that we put so much emphasis on your silly and joking nature, because you really are quite the performer. But you have so many other wonderful qualities too, and I want to be sure to remember them as you grow up.



To celebrate your birthday, we continued our (hopefully annual) tradition of going to Dutch Wonderland. This year made your daddy especially excited, because you were tall enough to ride your first roller coaster. It really turned out to be the perfect day…even Chance was a great sport and happily let us lug him around the park all day.

I know I’ve said it before, but the relationship you are building with your brother just makes my heart absolutely soar. You are so loving, gentle, and concerned about him every single day. There are times when you really are the only person who can make him laugh, and you make it a point to do so as often as possible. 😉 I hope this never ever changes!

Now that you’re done with your first year of preschool and summer break has started, I’ve been trying really hard to give you the quintessential “fun” summer that I remember from my own childhood. We’ve been exploring new playgrounds, staying up past bedtime, and indulging in ice cream as much as we want! I love that this photography passion of mine has allowed me the opportunity to spend so much time with you and your brother.




I hope that one day you will know that we have been so very blessed. Lately this has been a struggle for you to understand, as you are at an age of extreme entitlement and start to pout when we don’t always indulge in “special” things like new toys, lunches out, or special treats or activities. But I truly hope that I can continue to teach you that blessings don’t always have to be “bought”, and that we already have so very much by sharing love and joy within our little family.


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  1. I love your message about being blessed without having “stuff”. Beautiful photos, as always. Kudos for lugging your big camera to the amusement park with the baby!

  2. I know I have said this before but I truly enjoy your monthly letters to Theo and Chance <3 You are blessed with so many talented, creative gifts but especially to express your hearts emotion in writing so clearly and accurate is amazing! I love my grandsons and you have captured their personalities precisely as I know them <3

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