Karee (#30)

smiling father holds newborn daughter close on couch at home Chestnut Hill Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

“My thoughts on fatherhood are layered by two defining factors: one being a Black man in America, the second dealing with my own cerebral palsy as a Black father. In a society where the stereotype is Black fathers aren’t as involved as they should be, I feel more determined to make sure as a first-time father that my daughter knows her father is an active part of her life. I want her to feel that the foundation that my wife and I set out for her is secured. My father was a staple in my life and gave me a fine example of what to follow and my hope is that I can build on that example and improve where needed so that my daughter knows her worth.” (Photo Credit: Sabrina Guyton)

Dad sits on steps with adult daughter at home in Richmond Virginia Lucy Baber Family Photographer
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Dad and child cook and laugh together in kitchen Mt Airy Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

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