Jide (#32)

dad lifts up son to dunk a basketball in driveaway Queens Village Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

“Being a Black dad in today’s society to me means being extraordinary. Extraordinary in my faith, my vocation, my social interactions, etc. As a Black dad, it is critical for me to let my kids understand they are loved and that they can achieve their dreams in spite of the challenges they will face in society. I have been impressed by the resilience of the Black Lives Matter movement despite their core message being misconstrued or lost in communication at times. I am hopeful that my kids will attain self-actualization and be all that God has called them to be. Children are innocent and pure; my fear is that society will start to chisel at those qualities bit by bit. However, I remain hopeful that in those times they will draw on the teachings I am able to impart to them.” (Photo Credit: Ore Adesina)

Dad and child cook and laugh together in kitchen Mt Airy Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer
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